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5 easy DIY tasks to make your car look and perform better

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If you’ve found yourself bored during a weekend, here are five easy tasks that you can do to your car to make it perform and look better. Treat your car well and it’ll treat you for many more miles down the road.

1. Change your oil

An oil change is an easy task that must be done every couple thousand of miles to ensure your engine is getting proper lubrication. Regimented oil changes will help your engine last longer and potentially have less issues as you pile up the miles on your car! With just a few easy tools such as a floor jack, jack stand and socket set, you can replace your old oil with fresh oil. We also recommend getting a magnetic drain plug, to ensure harmful metal fragments are not lingering around your oil. Once you have your new oil in place you could think about installing an oil cooler which can help extend the life of your replacement oil. You should always routinely replace the oil in your vehicle but if you are looking to extend the life of your oil and engine an oil cooler kit could be right for you

2. Change your cabin filter

Have you ever wondered why your cabin is smelling “musty”? You can probably blame your cabin filter. Replace your dirty cabin filter with a new one to get clean air flowing through your cabin. Cabin filters are relatively low cost and well worth it to make your car smell as if it was brand new. You can even opt for a scented cabin filter, to give your car a new scent.

Flush your coolant

Depending how old your vehicle’s mileage, it might be a good time to finally flush the coolant that has been circulating in your car for years. Mishimoto’s Liquid Chill® is the go-to performance coolant for many drivers and is formulated to keep your engine cool under many different road conditions. No matter if your engine is gasoline or diesel-powered, with new coolant in your radiator, your car will warm up quicker as well as maintain optimal operating temperatures.

If you think you are ready to take the next step in keeping your engine cool we would recommend looking into an intercooler for your engine. Coolant is an easy addition and install for your vehicle but paired with an intercooler kit you can ensure that you are reducing your air intake temperatures and keeping your engine at peak performance.

Upgrade your shift knob

This is one of the EASIEST things to make your car feel better and stand out! You can find performance shift knobs in so many different shapes and sizes that there isn’t a doubt that you will find something that matches the interior look and feel of your vehicle. A weighted shift knob will make your gear changes feel more crisp and accurate, and you get the added bonus of spicing up the interior of your vehicle.

Upgrade your lug nuts

Wheel theft unfortunately remains a problem nationwide. An estimated $1M in wheels and tires are stolen every year. This can be solved with a simple solution of locking lug nuts. Not only do they protect your car, they’ll also make your wheels pop and stand out from the rest! Available in multiple colors, you can find lug nuts that come with 4 locking lug nuts accompanied by a key. Installing lug nuts only takes around 30 minutes and will make your car safer with a splash of style.

Story by Eric Zuo