5 blackjack myths to avoid

blackjackNaturally, as you start playing some casino game, you are prone to hearing stuff about the game. Some will give you advice on how the game should be played, what strategy to use in order to win or what is considered as a bad luck at a particular card table.

Although some of those comments may sometimes be useful, more often are not. Myths about blackjack, in particular, are incredible. Some are so convincing that may even make you doubt about your game. However, you should be careful and try to avoid myths as described in the following sections.

Bad Players Cause You to Lose

There is a general belief that if you’re playing on a table with unskilled players, you are most likely going to lose.

This is by all means not true as no one can affect the final result of the game. The game proceeds randomly and neither you nor the bad player can predict the end. The only thing that the bad player could essentially provoke during the game is getting on your nerves. Other than that, they cannot mathematically influence the outcome of the game.

You Mustn’t Count Cards Because It’s Frowned-Upon

Some claim that the infamous card counting in blackjack is not strictly forbidden or illegal but it’s highly not recommended.

Although casino owners do not like when the players are winning and would love their players to think that it is illegal, actually counting cards is not forbidden. You can use it in land-based casinos and try out how it goes, but don’t waste your time counting cards on online casinos because the cards are being shuffled before each hand.

Your Hand Needs to Be as Close to 21 as Possible

The idea behind blackjack is to get as close to 21 that should not be your target goal.

You should aim to get a higher hand than the dealer and not bust until he does. In fact, you’re more likely to bust if you’re trying to get a hand as close to 21 as possible.

A 10 Valued-Card Is Definitely in the Dealer’s Hole

This is a popular belief that players deduced and are convinced is definitely true.

However, the chance that the dealer’s hand is a 10 valued-card is 3:7, as 30% of the cards are worth a 10 and 70% are worthless. The statistics contradict this myth, as it is most likely that the dealer will have a non-10-valued-card. This is why you need to learn about blackjack rules first.

You Need to Be Great at Math in Order to Master Blackjack

Now, this is the most famous myth about blackjack and is the main reason why many people quit before they even start to play.

The truth of the matter is that, yes, you do need the basic math skills, but you don’t have to be a genius about it. All you need is a good practice. You need to read the rules, find a nice strategy and practice. The key is in a good strategy. So before you jump to conclusions about the math, try finding a good strategy instead.


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