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5 best ways to lure clients

new clientsGetting new clients is what keeps a business alive. You need to come up with ways to lure clients to buy from your business and possibly become return customers. This is one of the challenges entrepreneurs face while establishing a business, and it gets more challenging if one is unable to identify the most powerful strategies to capitalize on while reaching out to potential clients. Thanks to the internet, you can now more easily reach clients, but many people are yet to discover the ways they could lure clients to join their brand.

Here are some ideas you could try.

“Free” works most of the time

Giving out something ‘free’ will draw the attention of many people. Everyone loves free things and one of the solutions you could use to make your business known is to create an offer where participants will receive a free product or service. This is a psychological hack that utilizes the weakness of “free” that exists in the minds of many people. You could get people to sign up then get their first two weeks of the service free. By doing this, your business will be known by many people and some of them will eventually pay for the service or product.

Give discounts and deals

Like giving out free products and services, people are also triggered whenever the price seems to be lower than usual. If you would like to know how to get new clients without spending much, this is the best solution because you only lower the price of the products slightly to accommodate the discount. With discount offers, you may even lure clients to buy more than one items, so this is a powerful way to advertise your brand and acquire clients.

Create a contest

Another effective idea is to create a contest where the winner is awarded something. People love to win and this thrill of getting lucky will motivate many to take part in the campaign. A contest will create a buzz that will give the business the publicity it requires to get in the minds of potential clients. You can use media like Facebook or word of mouth to spread the news about the contest.

Take part in volunteer work

Taking part in volunteer work is a good way to get publicity that is often overlooked, but it works quite well. Just get involved in community projects that are for the good of the people. You could even sponsor an event and offer free services. Many companies you see take part in CSR do it for publicity and not necessarily for the good of the community, but in the process they are able to help the community and market themselves.

There are many ways you could create publicity for your business and lure clients. You can take part in a community project and sponsor different aspects of the project. This will put your business in the limelight and earn it some publicity. You could also create a contest and offer free products to those who emerge winners. Just study your target market to know what would trigger them to take action.

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