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5 best phone number search engines

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You may need to search for the phone numbers of an old friend you have not met for ages. Also, you may need to search for a property dealer or a service provider for your requirements. Often you may struggle to ask other people to fetch the help of getting the phone numbers. But one of the easiest things you can do here is to conduct a free phone number search done on the right search engines available.

It is crucial to search for the phone numbers on the right search engines to get authentic results. Some search engines or service providers may often offer you contact details that are quite old and are not working anymore. Also, there are the risks of your data getting stolen, and so on. Hence, it is always a great idea to go on a trustworthy search engine in such a case.

Here is a list of some such options that you can go for.


If you are looking for the best free phone number search engine, Radaris can be one option you should look at. It does not just offer you the person’s contact number but an in-depth detail of the person. You can search for various other information such as the address, relationship status, academic information, employment details, and many others. Suppose you are getting a report on the person or the service provider. In that case, you can know some other aspects, such as the criminal side or the financial side. Also, searching on Radaris is comfortable with the one-step search so that you can do it fast and convenient. Be sure of the results as they are updated now and then to offer you the right ones.


This search engine is more of an online directory where you can search for several details of a person or a service provider similar to Radaris. Searching on Whitepages is also relatively easy. You have to provide the name or other information to search for the person’s contact number or the service provider. If you wish to search for some additional details too apart from the contact number, you can do so. Search for the exact address or the background check if you wish to for your needs.

True People Search:

It is another search engine on which you can search for the various details of a person. You can search for a person’s details in three different ways, and you can get the exact information you are searching for. The best thing about this search engine is that you do not have to provide the last name and provide other details such as the address and other person’s information to fetch the contact number. You may not like the sponsored links that may come up now and then with the results you are searching for.


As the name indicates, this search engine is mainly about finding out a person’s real information. It offers you a detailed screening of social media accounts, contact information, background check, and other personal details. While you may get the essential information such as the contact number of the person for free, get further personal information such as police records, and others, you have to make a payment. Also, to get a full screening detail of the person, you may have to wait for 15 minutes.


Do not be surprised as Facebook can also be considered a search engine for searching for different people’s details. But here, you can only get the person’s contact number if the person has updated their profile details. Also, suppose the person has created a profile with some other name. In that case, you may have difficulty in searching for the person with the actual name.

Here are some of the best search engines that you can utilize to search for a person’s contact number. These search engines are pretty reliable, and you can comfortably search phone numbers and other details.

Story by Chris Cornwall

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