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5 best home video editing services of 2021

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Today everybody has a camera and much home footage that is constantly growing. With the development of social networks, people want to gain popularity by professionally-recorded and edited photos on Instagram and videos on TikTok.

If you want to impress your followers with really amazing content, the best option is to take advantage of reliable and professional video editing services.

If you just record a beautiful video, that isn’t enough in 2021. It is necessary to invest time in post production. Do you know that even Hollywood movies are shot during a couple of months, but are edited for about a year/year and a half?

So, creating a “wow” video is not as simple as it might seem at first sight. If you want to cope with this task on your own, you definitely need to know how to work in different video editing programs and what tools to use. But even if you are a complete beginner in home video editing, you can always outsource video editing services. This option allows you to save time and get a guaranteed good result.

1. FixThePhoto video editing service

Specialists from FixThePhoto cover almost all areas of video editing. Large and small companies, filmmakers, producers of documentaries, media agencies, and individual videographers highly appreciate their work and often cooperate with them.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the services to edit your home video recorded at the birthday party, etc. FixThePhoto offers a long list of directions they work in, including holiday, corporate, real estate, wedding, sports videos, etc. They can also help with editing audio materials, preparing presentations, and adding animation to your video clips.

What I especially like about this video editing studio is that it ensures 24/7 customer support, so you can get in touch with them whenever needed. You can also discuss and outline what you expect to get in the end.

If data security is one of your main concerns, you can safely rely on FixThePhoto. These guys guarantee absolute security of your content starting from the moment they receive it till it is delivered to your mail.

2. VeedYou

VeedYou is a video editing company from Bucharest, which can take care of your RAW footage and return you one irreproachably edited clip. This is an average home video editing service, which doesn’t require absolutely any serious work from you. The only thing you have to do is to send them all the videos from your camera and explaining what exactly you want to get.

The service offers clients a wide range of video editing services, like cuts and transitions, color grading, audio mixing, shaky footage stabilization, and many more. Special attention is paid to GoPro, wedding, and corporate videos.

You will agree that when you return home from a wonderful trip, which you recorded on your GoPro, you usually don’t feel like editing many hours of footage, merging several videos to create an engaging clip, etc. But you can’t deny it would be cool to get a fantastic movie from your trip, to show it to your friends, and share it on social networks. Fortunately, you can contact a home video editing studio and ask professionals to create a memorable video about your adventures.

The most popular service ordered at VeedYou is editing of wedding footage. Although this kind of service is not the major specialization of the company, these guys cope with the tasks professionally and often appear on the lists of the top services to address for fast and top-notch wedding video editing.

3. More of Your Memories

This service is known for its famous supervisor, an ex- BBC video editor, who was responsible for digitalizing and editing the content from large archives. The majority of the projects he worked on was devoted to saving valuable historical documents, which otherwise, could be forgotten. After this work, Luke decided to do the same but with the video records of his family, and later with the records of other people who came to him.

A lot of us have precious memories of beautiful and beloved people and special occasions, recorded on old VHS tapes. In most cases, they simply collect dust and get old without being used, and that’s a pity. Few of us know how to perform home video editing, and professional editing software may be too complicated to use. Besides, such programs are rather resource-demanding, which means you need a top-tier computer to run them. More of Your Memories is a home video editing service that can help you with saving your precious memories.

There are not many services like this one, which is focused on giving the second life to your home videos. You may send Luke your old photos or videotapes, and he will digitalize them and turn them into one amazing video clip, which will bring you back to the past for several minutes.

You may also ask to edit a video for playing on your smartphone in a vertical mode. Just imagine – you will get the wonderful history of your family, saved in a digital format and turned into a fascinating movie, which will be a real treasure for future generations.

4. Your Wonderful World

If you have a large collection of home videos stored on different sources and media, Your Wonderful World from the UK is right what you need. This home video editing studio will make excellent entertaining clips to watch on DVD, Smart TV, or your PC and preserve the history of your family. They accept videos recorded on mobile phones, videotapes, films and other media.

Only imagine the joy you’ll feel while watching your old wedding video or remembering the moments of your children growing up, important family events, parties, traveling, or even your parents’ memories, and more. All your precious moments will be accompanied by nice music, or special effects, and beautiful transitions. At your request, they can also add your photos to the clip, or place them on the cover.

With Your Wonderful World, you can take advantage of scriptwriting, or add audio tracks, royalty-free music, or visual effects, or any creative graphic you like. The company guarantees the absolute protection of your data. They also take full responsibility for the security of your sources, which you give them for digitalizing.

5. Visme online video editor

Visme is a beginner-friendly online home video editing service, allowing you to create even complicated designs with the help of simple tools. In particular, we recommend you to check their online video editors, which give you the possibility to edit video literally “step by step”. Personally, I especially like working with intro maker, as creating introductions for video clips is a long and complicated process.

Visme offers a great variety of templates. You have to choose text, background, and animation, and the program will take care of the rest. This is an excellent choice for those, who don’t want to spend time studying professional software but want to have full control over the whole process.

Anyway, if you have enough time and are interested in editing videos on your own, but don’t want to go deep into complicated professional video editing programs, there is a range of simplified online programs for home video editing. Such programs use various templates to improve the quality of a video, so you only need to select a suitable template and that’s it. The rest of the edits are done automatically.

Besides, those who have a website, blog or business, may be interested in image editing for attracting site visitors. People prefer simple yet informative websites and if yours look different, you’d better work on its design.

Story by Eva Williams

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