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4 ways to make your social-media posts fun (and engaging)

Believe it or not, social-media platforms are supposed to be fun. And at one point, they were. Unfortunately, years of scandal, corruption, and a torrent of “fake news,” has tarnished the reputation of many social-media outlets. Given the current state of social media, though, businesses that can inject a bit of positivity into their posts have a great opportunity to connect with a huge number of consumers. Today then, we’ll outline four ways to make your company’s social-media pages more fun, engaging, and interactive. Check them out here:

Get With the Times

Topical humor thrives in the era of social media. Businesses that know how to take a current story and twist it to their advantage can garner a significant number of likes, followers, and shares in a short period of time. What’s more, popular memes and gifs are extremely simple to repurpose to suit your business’s ambitions. Don’t be afraid of these fads –– embrace them!

Partner with an Influencer

Modern-day internet platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram have their very own “celebrities” that boast millions of dedicated fans. While these influencers might not have mainstream appeal, partnering with a popular influencer who also works in your field can give your social-media platform an instant boost. Note here that the more open and organic your sponsorship is, the better. Modern consumers are sophisticated and can tell when a sponsorship is strictly a monetary play.

Encourage Participation

Social media is, at its core, a “social” enterprise. To wit, anything you can do to promote consumer participation on your page will prove beneficial. This might be as simple as hosting a survey on your Facebook, or hiding an “Easter egg” within a number of your posts and rewarding whoever finds it first. Consider this famous example that KFC set a few years ago for further inspiration.

Dial Back the Agenda

Some businesses run their social-media pages in a tight, overly professional manner. And while there’s nothing wrong with this, few companies are likely to develop a massive following based on this strategy. Sometimes it’s beneficial to make a few posts that don’t have anything to do with your business, but rather with your community. Congratulate a local sports team for a great accomplishment or highlight a success story one of your current followers experienced.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to promote party buses or high-powered flashlights, consumers value brands that can have fun from time to time. Remember, modern customers still enjoy interacting with humans and anything you can do to make your social-media posts more relatable will likely resonate with your target audience.