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4 tips to easily implement a skincare routine into your day

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There are a lot of things that we all know we’re supposed to do. Eat right. Exercise every day. Sleep eight hours per night. Drink eight glasses of water.

It all sounds great in theory. In practice? Who has the time. And now everyone wants you to develop a daily skincare routine too? This probably seems like just one more thing you wish you could do — but are there really enough hours in the day?

Yes! Yes there are. In this case, in fact, it really doesn’t require all that much time at all. It just takes the right mentality.

You do need to create some good habits and stick to them. You want to find out what works best for you. And you need to have some consistency if you want to make it a true routine.

At the end of the day, though, we’re talking about a minimal time commitment. With just a few minutes per day, you really can easily implement a skincare routine into your day.

1. Make skincare a priority

One of the reasons that it’s so hard to stick to a diet or exercise regimen is that we usually aren’t fully committed. We treat it like homework. Grinding on sheer will alone can work for awhile, but you probably will fall off the wagon at some point if your heart isn’t in it. The key to doing it sustainably for the long-term is actually making it a priority — and the same goes for skincare. You have to actually recognize the benefits to be had and want to get results. Only then will you be able to stick to a routine day in and day out.

2. Understand what’s at stake

Skincare really does work. There will be noticeable, obvious benefits when you look in the mirror if you can make it a priority. This alone should be enough to convince you that a dermatologist anti-aging skin routine deserves a place in your day-to-day. After all, if you can see and feel the difference now, just think how much that will compound over years — and decades — of commitment. And once you do make the right habits, it won’t seem like a chore anymore. After all, you already brush your teeth and shower everyday, right? Right? Recognize that skincare will become just as second nature in time as well and it will be easier to remember to do it regularly.

3. Find time-saving opportunities

Speaking of showers, that is the perfect place to do at least some of your skincare routine. It saves time and will help you be efficient while still achieving your goals. Sure, there are some aspects of skincare that do take a little bit of time. A face mask, for example, is a good option for most people. This, however, isn’t a daily requirement but more of an occasional tool in your toolbox. Other aspects — cleansing, moisturizing, and putting on sunscreen — can simply be folded into things you probably already do every day while showering or getting ready in front of the mirror.

4. Know what you want to achieve

As mentioned, having some goals is always a good place to start. Generally, most of us just want that healthy glow, but just hoping for that result is a bit vague. If you instead pick a few areas that are more personal to your specific issues or fears for the future — whether that’s minimizing wrinkles, firming up loose areas, or something else — you will find it easier and faster to implement a routine. Especially as you start to see results in these target areas, it will only become easier to stick with your regiment.

Making skincare easier every day

Skincare routines aren’t one size fits all. There are some commonalities in most cases, but if you try to find a routine that suits you personally, it will be a lot easier in all respects.

Start by making skincare a priority and setting some goals. Knowing what you want to achieve and knowing the benefits at stake will help keep your motivation high. Then, work to do things efficiently, especially in terms of day-to-day cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and sun protection.

You don’t need to spend ages with all sorts of different products or sit down for hour-long dermatologist appointments to have great skin. It mostly comes down to consistency and finding what works for you.

If you can just take this mindset, you really can easily implement a skincare routine into your life.