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4 tips for cutting back on drinking 

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Social drinking is a privilege reserved for those with envious self-control levels and an apparent lack of addictive tendencies. If you’ve been feeling that your drinking is getting a little too out of hand, here are four tips to help you cut back on your drinking before it turns into a much bigger problem.

1. Monitor your drinking

Like any dieter, you too should consider logging your consumption, only track your drinks, not your calories. Don’t rely on your memory to determine whether you’re making progress. By strictly writing down what you’re drinking and how often you drink, you’ll be able to compare notes day by day and get an accurate feel for how you’re doing.

2. Track your drinks in seconds

Sometimes the real fun of drinking is just having a cold drink in your hand. Face it, we all like to look cool. Here’s a secret, though— you can keep up your image for longer if you take slower sips. With more left in your glass, you won’t be longing for another nearly as often, and your facade won’t fade away when you’re left empty-handed. If you drink like a fish, you can also use a drink counter to track your drinks in seconds, and learn how and why to cut back on alcohol.

3. Alternate with water

Between drinks, quench your thirst with a tall glass of water. Not only will drinking water help to reduce the effects of alcohol, but it will also keep you hydrated for longer. The extra water will give you more time to remain mentally clear on how much you’ve had to drink in one sitting.

4. Make drinking secondary

When you decide to go out for a night of fun, choose places with other events going on. Go to a dance club or attend a concert instead of your usual pub. The change in environment will encourage you to get involved with whatever else is going on, making it easier for you to drink less. Find ways to stay entertained without relying on alcohol as the primary source of your fun.

Words to the wise

There is a fine line between being a gluttonous drinker and an alcoholic. These tips are great for those who need a little redirecting, but if you think you might have an addiction, skip these tips and seek professional help right away. Addiction means you feel an inability to control yourself around your substance of choice (in this case, alcohol). Trying to fight lack of control with monitoring will not be enough to kick your addiction for good. Reach out to a rehab facility and get going with a detox protocol ASAP.

As for the rest of you, you can still have your happy hour without overdoing it. Practice these tips for mindful drinking and avoid the consequences of too much fun. Sober means stable, so don’t rock the boat, stay away from shots, and get that Long Island iced tea in a smaller size.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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