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4 tips for catching a cheating partner

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Nothing breaks a heart than realizing the person you are committed to is not equally committed to you.  You might not understand at first what is going on with your partner. You are going to blame yourself if the relationship starts to fall apart. The problem is not you, but something about your partner has changed. If you are just suspicious that your partner might be cheating on you, here are sure ways to find out if it is true.

  1. Read the Signs

If your partner is straying from you, they start to act differently. For instance, your partner starts needing privacy. They won’t let you touch their phone or computer without their supervision or they start dressing better and feeling conscious about how they look. They start to work out more and eat healthily. Look out for these signs as they suggest, your partner is seeing someone else.

  1. You Are Arguing More

Something is wrong if your partner feels the need to argue and fight you more often. Arguments in a relationship are healthy. However, take note if there is a change in how they argue. A guilty person tries to act innocent, hence becomes more irritable. The guilty partner will try to blame you for everything going wrong in your relationship.  Do not feel guilty about yourself, you did nothing wrong.

  1. Show up Unannounced

If you are suspecting that your partner is cheating on you, drop to their workplace the least time they expect you. Come back home early or go to the joints where they often hang out. If your partner is innocent of the suspicions, they will act normal and be happy you showed up. However, if your partner is doing something fishy, they are going to get tensed up, surprised and angry that you showed up unannounced.

  1. Spy on Their Phone

To obtain evidence that your partner is cheating on you, try spying on them. Snoop on their phone. If you can access their phone, take a look at the messages, call log and the browser history. If all these have been deleted, it means your partner is up to something fishy. Confront them why they feel the need to delete the history of activities from their phones.

If this is not possible due to password restrictions, consider using a spy app, It enables you to see the messages they are sending and receiving on their phones, who they are talking to and what they talk about. A spy app is a smart and discreet way of catching a cheating partner when they least expect it. Do not use a spy app on your partner if there is no good reason for it.

  1. Spending Too Much

Confront your partner if they start spending too much money than before. Keep an eye on the receipts. Are they from late dinner nights, hotel bookings or a gift shop?  Unusual spending of money shows that they are going out on expensive dates or spending money buying gifts for someone else. Demand to know.

  1. Ask

If you have noticed any of the above signs, ask them outright if they are cheating. If they are sorry and honest enough, they will let you know what has been happening. If they try to deny it, look out for non-verbal cues that say otherwise. Your partner avoids eye contact and starts to fidget or starts to act indifferent.

If you notice a change in behaviour in your partner, it could be because they are cheating or not. Maybe they are going through an emotional turmoil and any other problem they are not ready to share yet. Take your time and investigate to ascertain where the problem is.

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