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4 spring lawn care tips for the St. Louis Area

spring lawn care tipsA lot of people take great pride in how their front lawn looks like. After all, it’s the banner post, the front row seat, the attention-getter in a property. Undoubtedly, a good-looking lawn can make a good-looking house. People thus put importance on getting their lawns done and preparing it for the well-awaited season when everything is in full bloom—spring. This is a known fact, given that American homeowners spend about $ 6.4 billion a year on lawn care according to the Professional Lawn Care Association of America.

Lawn care in St. Louis starts with prepping up a healthy lawn just before summer’s intense heat, starts with a rigorous spring maintenance. Since winter can alter soil pH, compact the soil, and create conditions friendly to weeds and disease, it’s important to fertilize and mow the yard early in the season. So, what do you do when the melting snow of winter reveals bare spots, invasive plants and other problems with your green patches? The following tips are useful in caring for a spring lawn.

Get your hoses ready. It’s important to start a new gardening season with the right tools that help, and one of them is the indispensable water hose. When shopping for a hose, make sure to get one that’s long enough to reach the entire lawn, and enough to water all the flower beds. It’s important to keep everything hydrated.

Know when to water. A lot believe that it’s best to water the lawn at the beginning of the season. But, really, the best time to water your lawn is when it needs it. At the time when the grass starts growing, it’s the roots that grow first. They grow deep into the soil, especially when the ground is a little dry. So putting off watering for a while may be good for your grass. When you step on grass that doesn’t spring back your footsteps, however, go ahead and give them a sprinkle.

Plant your lawn to the full and leave no space. Plant on the bare patches of the lawn before the weeds try to find them. Fill the bare spots with grass seed or sod patch. In preparing the soil, take out the weeds and rake the soil to loosen it. When putting the seeds or sod, be sure to press firmly as good contact with the soil is important for growth.

Wait to fertilize. Spring is not the season to fertilize, no matter what type of grass you grow. Giving the lawn a dose of fertilizer in spring does more harm than good, as it encourages rapid growth, resulting to more lawn mowing. It also gives a boost to weeds. Thus, it’s best to wait until the fourth mowing before putting fertilizer on the lawn. When choosing fertilizer, make sure to buy a product designed for your climate and for the type of grass in your lawn. Avoid over-fertilizing and make sure to put the right amount.

Caring for your spring lawn can be an enjoyable task, and one wants the job done in no time to see the results right away. However, it’s important to know that caring for a spring lawn needs patience, knowledge, and working within the right timeline. Green thumb or not, caring for a spring lawn can be possible and rewarding.

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