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4 signs of quality furniture

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Buying furniture can be a confusing process. It’s easy to know if you think a couch is comfortable, or if a dresser has enough room for you, but knowing whether or not a piece is quality-made can be difficult. What kind of springs should a couch have? How was the bookshelf manufactured? There are a number of easy things to consider when looking to buy quality furniture.

How is Your Furniture Manufactured?

The manufacturing of furniture can take numerous forms. An end table that’s mass-produced in a factory and one that is handbuilt by a master carpenter will obviously have different levels of quality. If you’re interested in finding quality furniture, you need to spend time researching who is making what you’re buying and where it’s from.

It’s often easiest to find well-manufactured furniture by going directly to the source. Buying from local craftsmen and furniture makers is an excellent way to find high quality furniture. As an example, many regions of the country have access to Amish furniture markets which are a great place to meet craftsmen and purchase handmade furniture.

What is Your Furniture Made Of?

An easy indicator of the quality of furniture is looking at what it’s made of. A solid oak dining room table will likely be of better quality than one made of pressed wood, but price is not the only indicator of material quality. Did they use light enough wood or will it be too heavy? Are the springs of the couch made out of good steel?

Is Your Furniture Sustainable?

Sustainable furniture has become very desirable for consumers looking for high-quality products. Sustainable furniture makers pay very close attention to every step of their craft to make sure it has as little environmental impact as possible. This attention to detail means that the furniture is not only good for the planet, but made with meticulous quality.

How is Your Furniture Held Together?

One hallmark of low-quality furniture is that it’s poorly held together. Wood joinery is an art form in and of itself, but you don’t need a mastercraftsman to build a high-quality piece of furniture. You should avoid furniture if you notice that it:

  • Is held together with nails instead of screws.
  • Has running or dried glue around a seam.
  • Is loose or feels like it has “give”
  • Has obvious gaps or spaces around joints.

Quality furniture feels firm and sturdy for its intended purpose. Tables shouldn’t wobble, couch arms shouldn’t be loose and drawers shouldn’t get caught. Ideally, wood should be joined by being cut and interlocked, secured with dowels and glue, and attached with quality screws.

Pay Close Attention to the Upholstery

If the furniture you’re buying has a cushion or is wrapped in cloth, you need to pay specific attention to the upholstery and how it’s constructed. Check the stitching, see if there are any obvious loose threads, and make sure the zippers work smoothly. If it’s a couch, remove the cushions and check the interior seams of the fabric.

One of the best ways to judge the quality of fabric is to just use it. When you sit on the couch, does it pull too tight or leave a weird wear pattern? Without actually getting hands on it, you may have trouble determining the quality of the furniture.

Quality is Important

Quality furniture doesn’t need to be expensive, but it does need to be made with care. The more attention to detail that’s put into a product, the better it’s quality will be. While it’s not difficult to determine if something is well-made, you do need to know what to look for.

Learn who made it and how. Was the material they used sustainable? Look it over yourself to check out the nuts and bolts and if it feels well made.

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