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4 reasons why collection agencies are worth their fee

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Have you ever had the displeasure of having debtors that didn’t pay their fee? Then you know it’s quite a hassle to try and get them to pay. When you feel like you’re calling them every day and sending emails into the void, it might be time to take the next step and work together with a collection agency. If you’re doubting whether or not hiring a collection agency (Dutch: incassobureau inschakelen) is worth it, we can give you four reasons they’re absolutely worth their fee!

  1. They have access to all kinds of tools and information

Some defaulters go great lengths to make sure you can’t find them. Emails get bounced back and phone numbers get discontinued. What now? Without a debt collection agency (Dutch: incassobureau) you might think of giving up at this point. Luckily for you, a collection agency has tons of tools, such as databases and credit information. This way, they can track your defaulter way easier than you can.

  1. They know the laws and regulations

Collecting outstanding debts isn’t as easy as it seems. There are different laws and regulations you have to keep in mind when collecting your money. You don’t want to accidentally break one and get sued by your debtor … A debt collection agency knows all the legalities, so you minimize the risk of legal issues. This way, collection (Dutch: incasso) is way less scary!

  1. They document everything

We hope it doesn’t happen, but if you have to take your defaulter to court, they’ll ask for records that show you’ve tried to contact your defaulter time and time again. Making a file in which you document your efforts, can be a bit of work – and a boring thing you don’t want to put effort in. But don’t worry, your collection agency has got it covered!

  1. You get your focus back

This reason might be a lot different than the others – but when you’re dealing with defaulters on your own, you’ll notice this takes up a lot of your time and attention. Time and attention you could probably use for your company. So using a debt collection agency can allow you to focus back on the things that really require your attention. You can stop stressing over whether or not you need to call your debtors again, because you know it’s taken care of.

We hope you get your outstanding amounts back as soon as possible!

Story by Douwe Richards

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