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4 most effective ways to boost testosterone

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Older men often recall the days when they could work out for hours and still have the energy to remain active throughout the day; this is often related the high amounts of testosterone we have within us during our younger years. However, as we age our levels of testosterone begin to lower; this is a natural process that the majority of men go through. Although this is simply father time catching up to us, there are ways to slow down the process and in some instances even reverse the effects thereby increase testosterone in a man. The following are a few ways you can begin to increase your testosterone levels today.

What is testosterone and his crucial importance

Before we jump right in, let’s first understand what exactly testosterone is and its importance to a man’s body. Testosterone is the key male sex hormone that allows young boys to evolve into men by providing the essential chemicals needed to go through puberty. Lesser known benefits of testosterone are how it aids in maintaining a healthy mental state for men, too much or too little can drastically affect the mood of an individual. In addition, Testosterone can also be found in a woman’s ovaries and adrenal gland. Testosterone within women aid in providing bone strength and a normal level of sex drive. Now that you understand what testosterone is and the importance of it within a man and women’s body, let’s talk about how to maintain a healthy level of it as we age.

Physical activity and a healthy lifestyle

Working out is one of the best habits you can obtain at any age. It is widely proven that including exercise within your weekly routine can help increase your life span, support memory retention, boost your mental state and of course produce more testosterone. First, let’s look at the dangers of being overweight. Studies have shown that overweight males 14 to 20 have 50% less testosterone that those who hold less body weight. At the age of 30, your body begins to show levels of low t; this is accompanied by weight gained, fatigue and a decrease in your libido. This also leads to a loss of muscle mass which is a big problem because muscle mass determines how high or low your metabolism is. Therefore, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is a must for those who are seeking to slow down or increase their levels of testosterone.

Testosterone therapy

Recently, many pharmaceutical companies are marketing the benefits of testosterone therapy as a means to help older men receive quick results. Often these therapy products include testosterone enanthate that can simply take in through injecting it directly into the body. Although testosterone enanthate has been a part of the medical world since the 1950s, it does still hold it’s pros and cons. The pros, of course, include providing men with normal levels of testosterone which contribute to increased energy, sex drive, and overall mental health. Common side effects of using testosterone enanthate for a long time include dizziness, swollen skin where the injection takes places and an increase in weight gain. However, these side effects can be corrected by a visit to your physician and adjusting the dosage.

Good food and vitamins

Although exercise is great for boosting your T levels, taking in the right foods and vitamins is just as important. According to the study of Roger D Stanworth and T Hugh Jones, testosterone levels will naturally drop 1 to 2 percent a year. One of the best ways to slow down this process is to eat the right foods as well as to avoid certain ones. The following are our recommendations. Let’s first start off with Oysters; these little fellas are a great source of zinc, a crucial mineral that your body needs to maintain a healthy level of sperm which in turn provides a healthy reproductive system. Zinc can also be found in other foods such as poultry, red meat, and nuts. Another source of food that contains minerals crucial for healthy levels of testosterone is leafy greens. Also when a food contains magnesium was consumed, it raised the testosterone levels of participants who were both sedentary and active athletes in only four weeks. If vitamins are your preferred route, it is best to speak with a licensed physician in order to obtain the best vitamins for your body at a testosterone clinic.

Less stress – more sleep

Lastly, the amount of stress and sleep in your life can also contribute to your levels of testosterone. In a study conducted by the University of Chicago, ten healthy men were asked to get 8 hours of sleep for a week at home and then return to sleep at a lab for eleven days where their sleep was restricted continuously. The results showed that within just one week of restricted sleep, their T levels dropped an incredible 15 percent, thus proving that sleep affects the amount of testosterone produced. We spoke earlier about exercise producing additional muscle mass which in turn heightens the metabolism of a person. However, the amount of stress can also affect how high or low your metabolism is. High levels of stress produce a higher level of the hormone known as cortisol, the chemical in charge of regulating metabolism and your immune system. Therefore it is crucial to find ways to distress your life; working out and getting enough sleep every night is a great way to begin this process.