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4 great gift ideas for kids that aren’t toys

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Let’s face it: Gifting your kids some fun toys is pretty great. Not only are toys fun to shop for, but seeing different displays in aisle after aisle might also make you feel nostalgic. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing the smiles on little one’s faces after receiving a long-sought-after toy?

At the same time, after looking around your son, daughter, or grandchildren’s bedrooms, you’ll quickly notice you aren’t the only one who gets a kick out of buying toys. While their bedrooms may very well rival local toy shops, you might also notice that a lot of their toys go unused or just sit there in closets.

Of course, with the holidays fast approaching, you still want to give these cuties in your life some meaningful gifts that they’ll appreciate and use. Here’s the good news: There are plenty of non-toy gifts out there that kids love. Check out the following ideas:

1. A comfy chair featuring their name

In addition to enjoying toys, you know your niece loves to play video games and your son is a major bookworm. To make these activities as pleasant as possible, consider treating them to a comfortable, loungy chair that’s all their own. To make it even more special, pick out a chair that you can personalize with their names. Kids love receiving personalized gifts and will certainly get a kick out of having their own chair to lounge in.

2. Crazy socks

When you were little and your dear aunt Mabel gave you a box of tube socks for Christmas, you may have been less than thrilled. Fortunately, socks for kids are way more fun now — so fun, that you might end up getting a few pairs for yourself. For instance, your daughter who loves all things rainbows and sloths will flip with joy over receiving a pair of socks featuring her two favorite designs.

Purchase several more pairs with even more sloths, kitties, dogs, or whatever else she revels in and, if she likes the idea, encourage her to mismatch the socks to her heart’s content. For the young man in your life, you can’t go wrong with socks that feature Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, space aliens, monster trucks, tacos, and/or pizza designs.

3. Sleepover supplies

Another great non-toy idea for kids could feature a sleepover theme. If you’re gifting this to a kiddo who doesn’t live with you, like a grandchild or nephew, you can encourage them to bring these items along when they come to stay at your home. Ideas include a sleeping bag, flashlight, pillow, Mad Libs books, nail polish, candy, and books filled with kid-friendly jokes and ghost stories.

4. Books that complement favorite toys

Your niece’s bedroom features a variety of Playmobil castle sets and your son, who dressed up as a knight for Halloween, is fascinated with jousting and wants to live in a castle someday. To further encourage these interests, gift them some books that feature these subjects. Bookroo offers a helpful list of books about knights to get you started. Other ideas include books about the planets and stars for kids who have a penchant for astronomy, as well as tween and teen mystery novels, and picture books about dinosaurs, trucks, or farm animals for younger kiddos.

Have a great holiday season

As you can see, there are plenty of non-toy ideas for this year’s gift list. From personalized gifts that kids can keep and enjoy for years to wacky socks, books and more, you can definitely find amazing gifts kids of all ages will love.

Story by Caitlyn Bell 

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