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4 best California red wines and their perfect pairings

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California is renowned for its premium wines, and the California reds are no exception. With such a diverse climate in which grapes can grow it’s easy to see why these great tasting varieties thrive there so well; you’ll find flavors with intense fruity aromas that will make your mouth water just thinking about them. We’ve found some of our favorites among this list–we recommend trying any or all if they sound good on paper with their perfectly paired meals from home state cuisine championing fresh ingredients too.

“What do I need?” Well look out because we have what might be perfect pairings here waiting just around

1. Angels Ink Pinot Noir 2018

“Angels Ink Pinot Noir is the perfect wine for those looking to impress their guests with a rich, elegant brew. With flavors of berries and vanilla on your palette as you sip this California Champagne-style red from Santa Rita Hills; it will make all others seem like mere fluid.”

2. Blueprint Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Blueprint Cabernet Sauvignon is a Napa Valley bred, highly rated wine. One of California’s best wines and one you can drink with your dinner to impress even the most demanding palates in town! This enchanting color offers up delightful hints at dark ruby red colored liquid that smells exquisite; deep layers filled loganberry flavors seemingly embedded within every sip along side black cherry extractions before giving way into olallieberries followed by boysenberries for good measure – all while maintaining perfect balance and structure through its supple roundness paired perfectly against premium filet mignons like an 8 ounce cut from Kansas City Rib Eye cooked medium rare served atop buttered noodles made fresh right there on premises

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3. Seghesio Sonoma County Zinfandel 2018

This wine is a fantastic pairing with red sauces, pizza and barbeque. It’s rich bouquet features hints of cedar wood as well as spice which are both captivating in their own right but it’s the sun ripened blackberries that make this Zin truly unique.

4. Coquelicot Mon Petit Chou 2017

Hailing from Ynez Valley, Coquelicot Mon Petit Chou has an organic aroma of black plum, iodine and teriyaki that would be the perfect match for grilled chicken. It’s layered with chocolate flavors as well as dark fruit forward notes like a Cabernet Franc blend but it also still offers light drinkable qualities thanks to its refreshing California red tongue feel on your palate; those tannins greet each sip opening up more toward earthy hints such as berry or raspberry which finish off this wine beautifully – not too long ago you could only find these fruits grown locally now they’re coming straight out our vineyards.

5. Birichino Besson Vineyard Old Vines Grenache 2018

One of the most unique grapes in existence, Grenache boasts low alcohol content and an elegant nose. It has distinctive flavor profiles that are often compared to other fruit-driven wines like strawberries or raspberries with hints lavender liqueur for complexity. This wine pairs beautifully braised beef dishes as well.

Story by Anil Balkan