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3 ways a virtual executive assistant makes organizations more effective

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As the workplace evolves in this country, more and more companies are looking for ways to increase productivity without reducing the talent and engagement of their teams. For venture-backed startups, there’s increased pressure for them to have leaner operations, at least until they are generating revenue. As a result, many companies hire a virtual executive assistant to manage administrative tasks at a more sensible rate.

If you’re at a point where you need an assistant for your business and you’re trying to decide between a traditional hiring and a virtual executive assistant, there’s a few things that you should be aware of. While you’ll of course forego the need for placing recruitment ads, interviewing countless prospects, onboarding, benefits, etc, etc, there are additional benefits that you may not realize.

Here are 3 ways how a virtual executive assistant can make your organization more effective.

Better Resource Allocation

Even before current world events, organizations all over the world were seeing a strong trend toward mobile work/work at home positions. Furthering this drive is the fact that coveted office space is becoming more and more expensive, spurring businesses to further reduce the number of on-site employees wherever possible.

A virtual executive assistant negates the need for additional office space, restructuring, or having an employee on-site 40 hours a week.

Better Than Freelance

Freelancers definitely have their benefits, especially when it comes to temporary work, but when it comes to hiring a freelance virtual executive assistant, they can be a little tricky. How do you recruit, vet, hire, onboard, train and manage a freelance virtual executive assistant? This is not only a headache, it can create more work for you and minimize the benefits of outsourcing.

With a third-party managed service, a virtual executive assistant has case studies, common framework, and context that empowers them to work cohesively with your organization. Third-party virtual executive assistant companies add an all-important layer of management and framework to the freelance economy, benefiting both the client company and the talent they work with.


There’s no denying that assistants make executive’s work life a lot easier, but they’re also prone to be unproductive and easily get distracted by mundane tasks and/or coworkers. Virtual executive assistants are effective at reducing these roadblocks because working remotely inherently affords them the ability to them office setting distractions and they’re often better versed in tools that help them to streamline day-to-day collaboration.

When considering whether to directly hire or work with a virtual executive assistant, there’s a few things you need to consider. First, ensure that your motivations align with the benefits of virtual outsourcing. Instead of basing your decision solely on overall cost savings, you should also weigh how much of your time, energy, and management efforts will be saved and what that would mean for your business, as well as the increased efficiency provided by working with a virtual executive assistant.

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