3 tips that every concentrate vaper should know about (Hint: #1 will surprise you!)

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We all can agree that toking on our favorite strain is relaxing and splendid –– but what about concentrates? We can’t leave them out.

The sweet, sticky goodness that is extract, wax, shatter, and all those other glorious names. You can dab it or take your trusty wax pen, fill it up, and vape away.

Actually, as it just so happens, this piece is for all of you aspiring or veteran extract vapers out there. Vaping, in and of itself, is an amazing lifestyle that can make getting high all the more fun. But, it doesn’t hurt to learn a few more tricks or pick up on a tip or two here and there to make it all the more enjoyable, right?

Well, you are just in luck because –– we got three right here for ya.

1. Your Shatter Can Lose Its Luster Over Time

We are fairly sure that the majority of us are forgetful creatures when it comes to our personal effects –– including our concentrates. If you are nodding your head in agreement, we can guess that you have probably found some of your extract in some forgotten spot and have no idea how long it has been there.

So, you are probably wondering if you can still use it. Well the answer is you can but it probably won’t taste or have the same effect as it did before when it was still fresh. No matter what kind of concentrate it is, they all can suffer under the same elements which include time, light, air, and heat.

In short, if you want to preserve your wax, it is best that you keep it somewhere dry, cool, and dark with as little contamination from outside sources as possible so it will be stay fresh for the next time you need it.

2. Measuring Your Dabs Makes All The Difference

If you don’t already know, it is possible to use too much extract since the stuff is pretty concentrated to begin with –– so portioning out your dabs can make a huge difference.

Concentrates come in a variety of consistencies which can make it difficult to break up depending on what it is so having the right dab tools can be a huge help. Secondly, you want to make sure that you are breaking them down to the right size as well (depending on its potency).

If worse comes to worse and you aren’t sure –– try reading the label (if there is one) or simply opt for using vaporizer cartridges instead which have the extracts already portioned for you.

3. Having The Right Equipment Matters

This little tip can apply to many things including vaping. Making sure that you have the right type of vape pen that works best with the type of concentrate you have and that you know how to use it can mean the difference between having a frustrating vape sesh or a relaxing time with your wax pen.

Due your due diligence and research vaporizers that are compatible with concentrates and figure out which one will work best for you. Learn how to clean it properly and make sure that you have the right tools to use it also.

Final Thoughts

Vaping, especially with concentrates, can be fun and exciting –– if you know what you are doing.

If you don’t, that is ok too. Just make sure that you do your research, ask other vapers who are more experienced, and practice at home as well. To get you started, these three tips will work wonders with extract vaping so you can get the right dab dosage, take good care of your concentrates, and ensure that you have the right equipment the first time around.

And, lastly but more importantly, just enjoy yourself!

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