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3 tips for layering a dress

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There is an old dress that’s been hanging in the closet, and it’s time to breathe new life into it. Layers can make that happen. Effectively layering a dress remains in style all year round and helps create a distinctive style that is unique to everyone. Of course, there are best practices for properly layering one’s clothing, especially when it’s time to “repurpose” the dress that’s been rejected to the far reaches of the closet.

It’s time to shake that dress out and appreciate it once again. Here are three tips on complementary garments that are trendy and timeless when trying to layer a dress without looking bulky or awkward.

Streamline your look with pants

Pants under a dress layer has been done but it is very important to pick the right pair. First, stay away from pants that have protruding things like belt loops, buttons, pockets, or pleats. No one wants to have embarrassing bulges under their skirt. Additionally, those extras add the appearance of weight, and no one wants to look fat.

Leggings are a great option because they are slim-fitting and often come in a variety of colors or patterns. To stay casual chic, stick with dark colors like black or dark blue, depending on the color of the dress however, if the dress is black, a pop of color is fine. Click here to find out the best item for your style.

Loose blouse

A lovely lightweight, semi-transparent blouse adds a fun layer. It allows the freedom of mixing patterns and colors while still complimenting the dress. Just remember to stick with one central color scheme so the look doesn’t get lost in a jumbled mess of color explosions. The idea of keeping this layer light and loose is to prevent bulk. We want to be fashionable, not frumpy. Chiffon, linen, lace, and silk are great options as they are thin and comfortable so layering a loose blouse atop the dress can help achieve the perfect look.


Sometimes the layered look is difficult to achieve if the dress is already a little bulky. Accessories can make a world of difference if done right. Cinch in the middle with a great belt. A nice wide belt constricts the bulky material and highlights one’s figure.

Another accessory is a scarf. Like the loose blouse, the material should be light and airy with a pop of complimenting color, especially if the dress is on the bulky side. The opposite is true if the dress is more form-fitting. That’s the time to opt for the big show-stopping scarf. Not only does it frame one’s face, the scarf will not hide the dress.

Layering to create a signature look takes a bit of experimentation but it is a fun and creative way to complement one’s figure or hide some imperfections. Layers will give that old dress new life. And why not? There’s a reason it’s been hanging in the closet and not in the donations bin. Break out the colors, patterns, and materials. Try layering each item on the bed to give it a critical eye. But if you have the time to experiment and play dress-up, make sure to pose in front of a long mirror to give the new look an objective view.

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