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3 tips for great brain health

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As you get older, there are sure to be some physical and mental changes. Keeping as fit and active as possible will delay the physical issues in many cases, but what about the mental ones? What can be done?

The answer is you also need to exercise your brain. The more active you can keep it, the less mental deterioration there will be as you get older. It can even help to lower the risk of conditions such as dementia. Read on to find out what you can do to keep your brain healthy.

Exercise regularly

It might seem strange to think that exercising your physical body can have a positive impact on your brain’s health, but it’s true, the two things are linked. Studies have proven that those who are less active have much more of a problem when it comes to mental decline in their older years and may even be more susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Although these studies aren’t in total agreement as to why this is, some suggest that, when you are more active, there is greater blood flow to the brain. This seems to keep the brain much healthier.

The great thing about this is that you just need to try to exercise for around 30 minutes each day to make a difference. This can be done by playing sports, swimming, joining a gym or exercise class, or simply walking around your neighborhood.

Stay mentally active

As well as staying physically active, it’s important to stay mentally active. The brain is like a muscle, and the more you use it, the stronger – and healthier – it will be. This means ensuring you are always looking for ways to keep yourself occupied. It’s good to sit back and relax once in a while, watching a movie or bingeing on your favorite TV show, but doing this every day is a bad idea.

Instead, you could be doing jigsaws or puzzles like sudoku or crosswords. Playing cards is another good braining training activity, and so is trying out real money internet-based slot machines. As long as you are thinking, you’re training your brain, and that’s a good thing.

Sleep well

When you sleep, your body repairs itself; this is a known fact and something that many people are aware of. Something they are much less aware of is the fact that sleeping well can help the brain too. When you sleep, studies suggest that your brain effectively ‘files’ the knowledge it has learned that day, helping you to understand things better. This is why when you have had a good night’s sleep, the problems that seemed impossible the day before suddenly make sense.

You should always try to get around seven to eight hours’ sleep each night, although this will depend on each individual. Having a regular bedtime and wake up time, no matter whether you have work or you’re staying at home, is the best way to ensure this happens. It’s also a good idea to remove any screens from your bedroom for a truly good night’s sleep.

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