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3 things to consider if you want your startup to succeed in 2019

Ready to make your startup dreams a reality? If you’re dedicated to it, and love the work you’ll do, it can happen. It also takes a lot of careful consideration

Ask Yourself: Is There a Market For It?

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If you live in California, you probably don’t want to open a shop selling snow boots. The most important question you need to consider is whether enough people will actually pay for your product or service. Consider your market, and your geographic location.

Imagine you love animals; dogs, especially. You’re even lucky enough to live in a city where a large part of the population has a dog. You want to make a living by working with dogs. A good business for you could be a grooming or dog walking service, or even a doggy daycare. An example of a risky startup would be offering surfing lessons for dogs. Sounds fun, for sure.

But there would have to be a broad demographic of pet parents who want to teach their dogs to surf. And let’s face it – some dogs just plain hate the water. Do extensive research on the area you want your business to thrive. Make sure enough people need and want to do business with you.

Figure Out How You’ll Fund Your Startup

Unless you’re sitting on a fat savings account, you’ll need a small business loan. The costs of getting your startup off the ground depend on a lot. Will you need to buy equipment, or rent a space for your business? Will there be any production costs? How much marketing will you do?

You’ll need to prepare a lot of documents before you can request a small business loan. The lender will want to know how likely your business is to succeed. If you’re unlikely to succeed, they’re unlikely to get their loan paid back. So, it’s important to have a solid business plan before you apply for your loan.

What kind of startup you want can also determine whether you’ll get the loan. Be sure to show you have the knowledge to back it all up. If you’re going to open a craft brewery, it’s probably a good idea if to have some experience brewing beer.

What Makes You Stand Out?

Maybe you want to open a bakery, but there are already six other bakeries within a five-mile radius. Find what will distinguish your bakery from the rest. If you’re just like the one across the road, you’ll find customers choosing the established business over your new one.

You want your startup to be special enough to entice new customers to “risk” it. A lot of people dislike change, so you’ll be starting at somewhat of a disadvantage. Standing out in the crowd can give you an edge, and help you gain essential momentum. If your general idea for a business is like everything that’s already out there, you should find a way to make yours unique.

Look Before You Leap

Starting a small business can be exciting and rewarding. It can also be hugely successful if you go about it the right way. Be sure you know what you’re getting into. Plan properly – you’ll thank yourself later.

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