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3 things about social media reporting tools your boss wants to know

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If you work in a social media agency or marketing department, it is very likely that you are in charge of social media communication for many brands on various platforms. To ensure that your strategy is right and delivers the desired results, you should be optimizing it on a daily basis. Then, you need to report it to your clients or your boss. Doing it manually can be tedious and time-consuming, but not each and every organization wants to invest in some social media reporting tools. How to convince your boss to do so and enlighten them in terms of the best social media reporting tools?

Social media reporting tools can save a lot of time

Using a social media reporting tool can be really beneficial for your company, since no one will have to create reports manually. Of course, social media platforms do offer some native features of creating basic reports. You can take a lot of screenshots and put them in the form of a presentation, or generate spreadsheets for your team and clients. However, this form of social media analytics is not really readable nor pretty. Using a social media reporting tool helps you generate reports in just a few clicks, and the reports are good enough to be sent further to your clients. You can save up to a few hours a week by using a complex social media reporting tool such as Napoleon Cat. Apart from social media reporting features, you can take care of community management and social media scheduling using this tool, so your boss may be even more convinced to make the first step and invest in such social media reporting software.

Social media reporting software can save a lot of money

No more burning budgets. When you get your social media analytics back on track, you can actually verify whether your budget is spent in the most reasonable way. Maybe there are some advertising sets that should be turned off? Without social media analytics, automated by some social media reporting software, it can be hard to recognize any potential bottlenecks in your communication and perform a round of some quick fixes or further improvements. If you don’t know what does not work for your brand properly, how can you make the strategy any better and optimize those efforts that do not deliver? You need to keep an eye on statistics and numbers if you want to generate other numbers, i.e. cash.

Social media analytics can win you more clients

Because you save a lot of time on creating reports and analysing your performance on a daily basis, you can spend more time on working for your clients, taking care of community management or simply focusing on lead generation and win some more business. It is all up to you what you’ll do with that free time you are given, but one is for sure – you can turn this time into new clients (and money, of course).

There is another side to this coin, too. Your brand can become known for preparing amazing, breathtaking social media reports with the right software. Your company can be seen as a trustworthy one, which does not hide any statistics from their clients and whose reports are very transparent for everyone. What’s more, your clients can recommend your services further after being satisfied with your efforts. This all comes from your hard performance, but also from a social media reporting tool that helped you put data into context.

To wrap-up

Of course, social media reporting software is not going to replace your work totally, but it can automate a lot of tedious processes that social media marketers need to go through. And, let’s face it, not each and every social media manager loves data, but social media metrics are crucial. Otherwise, you may only guess whether your communication is any good for your brand, or if it actually does more harm than good. Your boss will probably agree that optimizing your performance is really important for the whole strategy, so you are one step closer to persuading them that investment is well needed.

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