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3 tech tips for homeschooling parents

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Homeschooling parents are going to be working hard to ensure that their children get the very best education and life experiences, and they want to do it all while having fun. The thing is, homeschool parents are also usually the parents who are most reluctant to combine the world of their child with the world of technology, and yet this is the way that the world is going. Most children would be at a disadvantage to not be exposed to technology nowadays and if you’re a little resistant to adding technology to your children’s education, you wouldn’t be alone.

However, it’s our job as parents to ensure that we are monitoring the activities that our children are doing whether at home or at school. The good news is that there are so many things about technology that your children will benefit from. You can make your homeschooling journey as unique and successful as you want it to be and as you define the rules, you can ensure that these three tech tips don’t go amiss. Make your homeschooling toolkit as stand-out as possible with your children, and give them a healthy introduction to technology and continue to encourage a love of learning in your children.


You may be in the process of teaching your children to read, but an excellent enhancement to that are e-books. They play a really great role in your homeschool environment, and there are so many to choose from out there. From Kindle Fires to iPads of all sizes, which means that they can suit all budgets. They also allow you to take down the storage for your books and your virtual bookshelf can grow. It’s also much easier to find older books compared to the physical ones, and there are huge libraries of books out there and most of them are for free.

YouTube courses

Almost 25 percent of all schoolwork can be enhanced with videos and courses online. The internet is a smorgasbord of information and there are online classes and videos to explain almost every single theory out there. Creating visual stimulation is important if you want to keep your kids engaged in their learning. Your children can watch the same videos on repeat if they don’t understand something.

Parental control

Lastly, the top tech tip every parent needs is that technology can be managed with the right parental controls. You can ensure that your children are using technology safely and that their exposure to technology is a gentle transition rather than a rude awakening. The best app that you can use for this is Family Orbit. This is a one-stop solution for your children to interact safely with the world of technology.

You should feel confident in your ability to homeschool your children, and Family Orbit can make this happen for you. You can use call recording, GPS tracking and checking your children’s browsing history. Homeschooling is all about learning lessons together, so why not take this journey with your children today?

Story by Alyssa Smyth