3 reasons why appearances matter in business

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Few people are truly willing to talk about how important perception is. Of course, in an ideal world, no one would judge a company based on its facade, the way its employees dress, or design of its website. However, we don’t live in an ideal and forgiving world. The reality is, people will constantly find reasons NOT to engage with your business if you don’t take time to craft a careful reputation. Cultivating a positive perception can be difficult –– especially for business owners without tons of experience. Not to worry, though, we’ve created this list of three reasons why appearances are so important, and we’ll explain how to leverage this knowledge to your advantage:

Appearance as Subversion

When consumers visit a five-star restaurant, they expect employees to wear a certain type of uniform and behave in a formal –– if not ceremonious –– manner. Conversely, when someone goes to a bowling alley, they can safely anticipate a more casual experience. Businesses need to understand what they’re customers expect from their establishment. Note, your company doesn’t necessarily have to conform to societal norms, though; rather, you can consciously subvert them to set your company apart from your competition. There’s nothing wrong with opening up an informal establishment dedicated to fine dining, or a debonair bowling alley –– so long as you market yourself appropriately.

Appearance in the Digital Space

Many businesses rely on foot traffic to generate revenue. Unsurprisingly, restaurants, bars, and brick-and-mortar retailers need to have welcoming, well-maintained facades in order to draw in curious passersby. In the same way, all companies need a website, and they need to ensure that it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. If a visitor doesn’t find your website compelling, they probably won’t choose interact with you any further. To prevent this from happening, make smart and simple design choices, and update your content regularly!

Office Culture & Perception

Business leaders should want to present a positive office culture to the world. After all, when your team members are motivated and happy, it sends a strong message to interested clients and prospective employees alike. (It will also make the hiring process that much easier!) However, there’s a difference between presenting a positive culture and actually creating one. Remember also, your workspace layout will contribute to the atmosphere your staff inhabits. As such, everything from CEO office design choices, to the furniture in your lobby, to the quality of your bathroom will have an effect on how people perceive your operation. Successful entrepreneurs understand this and strive to align their office appearance with their core values. The good news is, you can do this too with a little application and creativity!


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