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3 outsourcing tips for small businesses

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A little help can go a long way in business. While many small business owners prefer to tackle issues “in-house,” there is often value to be found outsourcing certain services or projects. Indeed, startups and small businesses may not have all of the facilities, resources, or time needed to complete specific  –– yet essential –– tasks. In such situations, outsourcing can provide small business leaders with positive outcomes and myriad other benefits. With that in mind, today we’ll share three outsourcing tips that will ensure you’re able to complete your next big project smoothly. Check them out here:

Vet Your Partners

One of the biggest mistakes a startup entrepreneur can make is partnering with the wrong third-party organizations. It’s important to keep in mind that hiring a company to provide IT support, marketing services, or even logistical assistance is just as important –– if not more important –– than hiring several new employees. (Some outsourced projects are so large that businesses in effect have to call upon an entire third-party department for help.) At the end of the day, the quality of your business partners will have an impact on your own business reputation –– for better or worse. Only agree to outsource projects to professionals you’ve researched thoroughly and whom you trust completely.

Communicate Clearly

Ideally, small businesses and their outsourcing partners should always be on the same page. In practice, though, it can be incredibly easy for important facts to get lost in translation when remote teams have to collaborate. That’s why it’s imperative for professionals at small businesses to communicate clearly with freelancers and outsourced colleagues. Repeat due dates, emphasize any special instructions, and ensure that everyone shares the same ultimate goal. Otherwise, problems are almost certain to arise.

Have a Backup Plan

The most successful companies always have a contingency plan in case things go south unexpectedly. Keep in mind that you should never rely on a third-party source or freelancer to perform an essential service without having a backup strategy in place. Reaching out to multiple third parties can be a great way to protect your company should you need to outsource work quickly. On that note, it’s also key to maintain good relationships with any other organizations you work closely with. Burning bridges is a bad idea –– particularly for ambitious business leaders!


It doesn’t matter if your business is looking to promote a new product like a cannabis homogenizer, or you require IT support for a new software system, the right outsourcing partner can help your organization reach new heights. Just make sure to keep these tips in mind the next time you decide to outsource a key project!