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3 most surprising Chrome extensions on the Chrome web store

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Google Chrome is a very famous web browser, and for obvious reasons. It is a smooth platform which has an easy to use interface. Moreover, one of the best parts about Chrome is its extensions. There are a plethora of Google Chrome extensions. You think anything, and there is an extension for that. These extensions make Chrome more user friendly and comfortable.

What is a Chrome extension?

Extensions are the programs that can be installed in Google Chrome. It customizes the browsing experience according to a particular need. Extensions are shared through the Chrome Developer Dashboard and published to the Chrome Web Store. After installing, these extensions are added to Chrome, like small icons to the browser. You can pin these icons to the top bar and even switch it off when it is not required.

Most exciting Google Chrome extensions

1. Netflix Party

If you feel bored to death in this stay home situation, and want to enjoy it with friends. Then the Netflix Party Chrome extension will bring back the old days. It enables you to watch Netflix remotely with your friends. It has a live chat box to talk with your friends while watching Netflix.

Other features like real-time sync of the show/movie. Everyone can have the command and can control the play and pause. It is a unique extension to have some fun time with loved ones. So, do not feel alone and do Netflix and chill remotely.

2. Email tracker for Gmail

Sometimes it is hard to track whether the receiver has received and opened an email. That is why this email tracker extension has the features to track those details.

It is a simple way which allows you to know the number of clicks on that mail, or how many times the receiver has opened the mail. Email Tracker for Gmail is one of the best mailtracker out there.

After adding this extension, you will see ticks after sending an email. In this, a single tick means that the mail has been received, and double ticks mean it has been opened. Now you do not have to keep asking your colleagues if they have opened the mail or not. It is a free and simple to use Chrome extension.

3. Adblock Plus

Advertisements can be annoying sometimes. Imagine not seeing any advertisements while watching a Youtube video or reading a blog. It will be a lot better, as you don’t have to spend extra time watching the advertisements.

AdblockPlus is one of the best Chrome extensions out there. It prevents ads from appearing and makes your experience better. With a cleaner looking webpage, it makes it less distracting for the user.

Moreover, the best feature of this extension is keeping your data secure. Today we read a lot about data leakage and how our privacy is invaded. By adding the AdblockPlus extension, your privacy will be protected.

Final words

An extension is the best feature that Google Chrome offers. It can fix any browsing problem or boost performance. These extensions will help you to stay organized and less distracted.

So, add these fantastic Chrome extensions and enjoy the excellent features it offers to its users.

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