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3 essentials for building your own home cinema

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In recent months, movie theaters were forced to close down due to the coronavirus. Today the theaters are open again and they cope with this unprecedented crisis by taking determined measures. Many people, however, still don’t feel comfortable enough to go to the movies. They try to avoid public places at all times. For those people that still like to enjoy a movie, we give a few tips on how to build a cinema in your own living room. Consequently, you don’t have to leave the house for a good movie night!

Big screen

One special thing about going to the cinema is watching a movie on an extremely large screen. This makes any movie more spectacular. You may not have a large flat screen at home, but you can buy a beamer and projection screen (Dutch: projectiescherm) in order to bring cinema-quality to your home. Even if you have a small living room, you can make use of a beamer. After all, beamers come in all shapes and sizes. A mini beamer or a short throw beamer is perfect for smaller rooms. With a short throw beamer, for example, you can display large projections from a very short distance. And don’t forget some good speakers!

Video streaming membership

It would probably take ages to download a movie from the Internet. And buying movies can be pricey! If you like to watch a movie more often, it’s a good idea to join a video streaming service. There are many streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ where you have access to hundreds of different series and movies for just a few dollars per month. These services also give you recommendations based on your search history. This makes it easier to choose a movie you like!

Snacks and refreshments

What is a good movie without some popcorn? Right, snacking and watching movies goes hand in hand. If you’re planning on a movie night at your place, make sure that you have some tasty snacks for you and your friends. Typical ‘movie snacks’ are popcorn and chips. And don’t forget to put some beers in the fridge! Are you going to watch a romantic movie with your partner? Then you can also prepare some luxurious appetizers. Buy a matching wine and store it in your own built-in wine climate cabinet (Dutch: inbouw wijnklimaatkast) so that you can serve the wine at the right temperature.

What movie will you watch in your own home cinema?

Story by Douwe Richards

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