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3 effective speed cleaning tips for the living room

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Life happens, drinks spill, the kids keep running around the living room with their hands covered in chocolate, and all of a sudden you are looking at a dirty living room you are desperately trying to pull back into the light once again. After all, you spend most of your indoor time there, watching Netflix or YouTube videos, working on your laptop, playing with the kids or having guests over.

However, what about when you are dealing with an emergency and you need to get the living clean looking clean and fresh in just a few minutes? These next few speed cleaning tips are just what you need.

Tip #1: Grab your cleaning caddy & start decluttering

In preparation for your speed cleaning needs in the future, you should make sure that you have a special basket filled with your favorite cleaning supplies ready to pick up and move around the living room whenever needed. This will significantly help you save precious time, as you will not have to walk around the house trying to collect all the bottles and brushes. Make sure to include some quality sponges, a good microfiber cloth, plenty of paper towels, and a good and, if possible, eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner. Keep the broom, vacuum cleaner, and mop in the same location for easy grabbing in case you need to rapidly clean your living room to welcome some last-minute guests.

Once that basket full of cleaning goodies is in your hands, put it aside and grab a different basket. This time, use an empty basket or a larger box and start decluttering the room. Pick up all the toys, clothes, shoes, and remote controls that do not belong there. Put the bin aside or take it to another room.

Tip #2: Fluff the throw pillows and fold all the blankets

Pick up all the blankets lying around on the floor or sofa and start to quickly fold them up, then place them in the drawer or bin they belong to. Fluff all those throw-pillows on the sofa and Spruce up the couch and use a damp cloth to get rid of any stains on the leather sofa. Use your hand-held vacuum cleaner to quickly go over the sofa and remove all the crumbs and pet hair.

Tip #3: Vacuum the flooring and carpeting

Run the vacuum cleaner over tour rugs and carpets and use a broom to quickly sweep the larger pieces of dirt and food crumbs for easier vacuuming. Since you are in a big hurry, you will not have the time to thoroughly go over all surfaces and accurately remove all traces of dirt and dust or move any visible stains. Don’t worry, you should have plenty of time to go over everything once again once the gusts will be gone. Hire some affordable NYC rug cleaning experts in your area and let them apply top spot treatments to remove all traces of mould and food staining from the rugs and remove all the deeply-embedded dirt in the fibers so you will have a much easier time maintaining the rugs clean. Speed cleaning will also take less next time you will need to make use of it.

Make sure to also go over any food stains and spots on the floors, especially if they are particularly visible or sticky to walk over using your mop and soap dish soap in the water.

Finally, gran that basket filled with all the items that you had picked up earlier and put everything in its rightful place, if you have the time, if not, use the nearest closet you know your guests will have no business opening. It will be our little secret.

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