3 benefits of dogs using talking buttons to help communicate with their owners

3 benefits of dogs using talking buttons to help communicate with their owners

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Dogs are a man’s best friend. Sometimes you want to feel like you can talk to your best friend – and now you can! Although we talk to our pets by using their names, gestures, and certain words, you can’t really figure out what they are thinking. Of course, your puppy can snuggle with you and give you an indication of what they are feeling, but wouldn’t you like to hear them talk and express what they want?

Now, there is a technology in the world that lets dogs communicate with their owners in more descriptive methods. Let’s see how this technology works and why you should get one if you are a dog owner.

3 benefits of dogs using talking buttons

If you are a dog owner, chances are you’ve already figured out your dog’s body language, noises, facial expressions, and whimpers as their language. You will be able to tell when they are hungry, when they need to go to the bathroom, and when they need a nap. However, you will be able to get even more of an idea of what your dog is really trying to tell you by using talking buttons.

Even though it may be too early for science to really tell us if all dogs can use talking buttons to communicate their every thought, some dogs can actually be trained to use the buttons and stimulate your dog’s brain to learn new skills.

Communicate basic needs

If you teach your dog how to use talking buttons, they may be able to use these buttons to communicate basic needs to you. If you have buttons for the typical dog activities, like treats, walking, sleep, and other dog activities, you can train your dog to stand on the talking buttons to tell you what they want.

For example, you can use the talking buttons when you tell them what you are doing. Before you give them a treat, you can step on the treat button to show your dog that the button corresponds to the action.

Learn new skills

Using talking buttons as a dog owner helps your puppy learn new skills. By teaching them how to step on the buttons to communicate, you can improve the training and listening abilities of your dog without having to do much effort on your end.

Reduce barking

Talking buttons may reduce the chances of your dog barking to get what they want. Instead of endlessly making noise in the corner of the room, your puppy can step on the talking buttons to tell you exactly what they need instead of solely barking.


If you are a dog owner, we know that you want to know exactly what your dog is thinking. If you know when your dog needs a treat or when they want to go for a walk, the guessing will be taken out of the equation, and you will be able to always make your pup happy! Using talking buttons helps your dog communicate with you without struggling to understand what they need.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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