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2020 NFL season predictions: NFC teams who might get to the wild card

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Looking at the National Football Conference’s teams, they are working to get the highest spot in their respective divisions. Currently, the New Orleans Saints have a secured spot in the South seed. The Green Bay Packers got the top spot in the North, and the Seattle Seahawks have it in the West. While on the East seed, the New York Giants and Washington Football Team are tugging for the highest position.

Four weeks from now, teams with better standings will be determined champions of their division and proceed to the playoffs. If you think your preferred team in the NFC might have the odds to win this week’s games and will top off to their seed,  place a bet on your team.

If it seems impossible for other teams to be the champion in their division, a spot on the wild card may help them get to the playoffs. Hence, here are some teams in the NFC who might have a place on the wild card.

If the Rams can’t outperform the Seahawks

Based on the New York Times’ simulator, the Los Angeles Rams currently have a 88 percent chance to make the playoffs, with 61 percent being in the Wild Card. Their defeat against the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday has slightly affected their odds, which gained the Seattle Seahawks’ lead in their division.

The team has a current standing of seven wins and four losses, while the Seahawks have eight wins and three losses. If the Rams want to get the top seed, they must carry their victory to the remaining week games and beat the Arizona Cardinal twice to face the Seahawks. If the Seahawks still have the best record in the West seed at the end of the regular season, the Rams will have the wild card option.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers can secure a spot

The Buccaneers have a 75 percent chance to get to the playoffs and a 74 percent chance of having the wild card. With the Vikings on the waiting in their next game, the winning odds were on the Buccaneers. And based on their later opponents, the Atlanta Falcons and the Detroit Lions, in the remaining week games, the Buccaneers have the confidence to have a place on the Wild Card.

As of the end of Week 12, the Buccaneers have seven wins and five losses. Compared to the top-seeded Saints, with nine wins and two losses, it was a huge gap to cover for the Buccaneers. But comparing their record to the rest of the NFC teams who were not on the top seed, they were ahead of them. With this, a spot on the wild card will be secured by the Buccaneers.

Minnesota Vikings have the outlook advantage

The Vikings have an advantage on their Week 13 to 17 games’ outlook compared to the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, and Chicago Bears, who will face more challenging teams. Having the Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears, and Detroit Lions lining up as their rivals in the upcoming matches will be an achievable win for them. Even if they lose to the Buccaneers and the Saints, their records will still be decent to take place in the wild card.

All of these teams mentioned earlier, except for the Cardinals, have the same standings, with five wins and six losses. If the Vikings can overcome most of their rivals in the next games, it will be a good sign that they’ll have the second spot on the wild card.

Arizona Cardinals might pull it off

Based on the SportsLine computer model’s projections, the Arizona Cardinals maintained their third straight week at the wild card spot. The team also has a 68.8% chance of making it to the postseason.

Looking at the Cardinal’s current standings in the NFL, they have six wins and five losses as of Week 12 results, just behind the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams in the seed. If they lose to the Rams in their next game, they have to beat the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles and ensure another game against the Rams again in Week 17. They might have the wild card if they can’t beat some of their opponents and have no contest on their record in the conference.


With four games remaining for each team, it won’t be too late for these teams to have the top seed as long as they make drastic changes to their standings. As long as they have better standings that outshine the other unlucky teams in the NFC, they will have the Wild Card. But the odds of having it were also thin since it only has two spots for the teams who truly deserve it.

Having the spot on a wild card might be the easiest way for a team to get to the Super Bowl. But it will be tough for them to reach the championship. They have to face all division champions, from the worst to the best, in the playoffs.

Story by Jara Jones

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