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15 types of businesses you can not run from home

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Working from home is probably one of the greatest feelings in the world. You get to do your own thing but in a relaxed and comfort-filled zone. You are technically your own boss, and you decide your working hours how you see fit. However, as wonderful as it may seem, working from home has just too many shortcomings.

First, you are more prone to laziness and procrastination. Since you are your own boss, you can choose to skip work for a day or even days at an end. You are also constantly procrastinating because your working hours are decided by you.

Working from home also means that you will not get to experience all the productivity of a traditional office set up. There are no colleagues to bond over a drink at the bar after a long day of hustling and bustling.

Sometimes it not so bad to have a traditional eight to five job away from your comfortable bed at home. Today we are going to look at all the jobs that you cannot do from a home setup and require your physical presence for it to go successfully.


Plumbing is more than being able to use a plunger on a blocked toilet. Plumbers install and repair pipes and drainage systems that are faulty. Plumbing business is definitely one of the hardest jobs. Plumbers need to assess and fix the problem, and this starts with them being present at the job site.

Residential Cleaning Services

Cleaning of houses professionally is no longer a demand for the rich only. With people’s schedules getting tighter and days getting busier, most of them are usually unable to clean for themselves and are willing to pay a cleaner to give their home a facelift. Cleaning is a physical activity requiring participation and engagement.

Delivery and Hauling Services

Delivery and hauling services have been with us for decades. From food delivery to delivery of larger items such as cars if you can pay for it to be delivered, then it’s convenient. A good driving record and a vehicle are all you ever need in this line of business. Hauling companies are also on the rise. Loading and offloading packaging definitely need labour.

Event Planning

Event planners plan events. Event planning is one of those jobs that literally want you to be there. Your presence will determine the success rate of your work and missing out will mean things will not go according to plan.

Gardening and Landscaping Services

This is one of those jobs that require immense physical activity and labour to achieve, so you have to be there. It takes work and time to make a garden grow, and from business, perspective requires quite a lot. From weeding to mulch application, willing and skilled hands are required.


Painting of buildings and houses is it interior, or exterior is another job that people cannot do from home. Painting can be done as a business, and you will be required to perform it like any other job if you want success.

Composite Decking Fitting Services

Selling, installing or generally working with composite decking materials is a business that needs your presence. If you are the person who fits these composite decking boards, you want to provide the best possible service this can be so by use of quality composite decking materials to the customer for you to get future jobs and referrals. If you do a good job on composite decking boards, you will not miss clients.

Being a Tutor

Knowledge is power. Tutoring as a business can be profitable if you know your way around particular subjects that may be difficult for others. You need to be available to your students to provide these services.


This is particularly effective during the winter season or if you live in a place that is constantly snowing. You could easily begin a snowplow business to clear the driveways and walkways of people. All you need to do is invest in a snow shovel of a snowblower, and you are good to go.

Becoming a Disc Jockey (DJ)

Being a Dj in a small business is a great opportunity if you are a big lover of music. You get to enjoy playing and mixing them up for the masses to enjoy and dance away. DJs perform in a variety of events from weddings to parties, and in clubs.

Taxi Services 

Owning a car is a prerequisite for this business plus at least a driving experience of three years. With that, you will be able to begin your business of transporting people from place to place.

Dog Training

If you are a dog person and are great with dogs starting a dog training business may be a good idea. Dogs are highly mobile animals, and dog training from the comfort of your house is out of the question.

Dog Walking

Apart from dog training, this is the perfect part-time business. Once you establish yourself, all you have to do is pick the dogs from the owners and take them for a walk around the block for them to stretch their legs and play around in the park.

Healthcare Professionals

Health professions are in the hundreds. There are different types of specialists that aim to improve your health and well-being for all your body parts. As a business, you need to have the skills to properly provide treatment effectively. A private healthcare professional cannot work from home.


If you have a lot of free time to yourself, you should probably consider babysitting as a business to earn you some cash. All you need to do is show up when you are needed, look after the child for a while and make an easy payday.


The kind of skill learned by these fifteen professionals is meant to be used out in the real world and not in the setup of working from home. Sure there is a work-around, and sometimes they may offer their services from home, but most of the time, their physical presence is required in the traditional working set up.

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