Jim Boeheim and the ACC Tournament: Go back where you came from, old man

accSyracuse coach Jim Boeheim doesn’t want the ACC Tournament in Greensboro. As if the ACC Tournament cares what Jim Boeheim thinks.

What the horse’s ass of horse’s asses doesn’t realize is that there were ACC Tournaments long before ACC Tournaments gave a crap about Jim Boeheims.

The guy’s contribution to the game is his teams play the 2-3 zone. Whoa. Dude’s a genius.

That said, sure, Greensboro is in North Carolina, and HB2, so screw Greensboro, North Carolina and HB2. Which wasn’t Boeheim’s point, because his point is that Greensboro is a hick town, as if Syracuse isn’t itself a hick town.

I mean, seriously, Upstate New York ain’t exactly the center of the damn media universe, amirite?

Me personally, I like the ACC Tournament being in New York City. I love New York. I’m staying in Brooklyn, intentionally.

I ran the New York City Marathon last year. I visit here once, twice a year. See shows on Broadway, eat banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery.

I also love it when the tournament is in Greensboro. I don’t have to Uber to the games in Greensboro, and I’m OK with Uber-ing, for the record.

But when they do in-game promotions for Bojangles, I’ve had chicken and biscuits from Bojangles, and look forward to having more chicken and biscuits from Bojangles.

That having been said, I also enjoyed covering the tournament when it was down in Tampa a decade ago. When I left the arena that year, it was dang warm outside, which was nice this time of year.

Wherever they have the ACC Tournament, I’m good with it, basically.

The issue with Jim Boeheim isn’t that he dared to speak his mind. A broken clock is right twice a day, after all.

It’s that he disrespects the ACC when he’s an invited guest, and considering that his program ended up on probation since he got here, he’s akin to the invited guest who got drunk, threw up on the rug that set off the room, then posted to Facebook about how other parties were better.

If Syracuse doesn’t want to be in the ACC, go the hell back to whatever rock you crawled out from under, wouldja, couldja?

And take that doddering old fool of a coach with you. Thanks.

Column by Chris Graham

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