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10 ways to pass time during lockdown period

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This lockdown has provided all of us more free time than we’ve ever had before. We have time that we never imagined we might have.

This leisure time allows us to do activities we’ve either desired or would like to do more of, based on our particular circumstances. Therefore, we believe it is reasonable for us to use this period productively and engage in essential activities.

1. Learn a language

Being willing to communicate in a language other than your native tongue is undoubtedly remarkable and will come in handy in various situations, including travel and job openings. You may learn a foreign language in multiple ways, from viewing online videos to enrolling in online classes in the language of your interest.

2. Do a home exercise

It’s essential to maintain good health through this period, and being indoors all day will quickly make you feel sleepy if you don’t get enough physical exercise. Cardiovascular exercise increases your pulse rhythm and strengthens your muscles. Make your workouts more enjoyable by making dance moves to your favorite tracks online or by participating in fitness competitions that require you to accomplish them within a certain amount of time. Yoga is also an excellent way to regain flexibility and can be used as a method of therapy. You will find yoga workouts that suit your regular schedule online.

3. Master the art of cooking

Being on lockout has provided many people with an opportunity to practice their cooking skills. With most restaurants closing and delivery options restricted, customers are more likely to be in the kitchen preparing their own meals. Although you can miss dining out, this does not imply that you cannot spice up your food life during this period. Take risks and experiment with different recipes online or take up baking and learn to bake your own bread and other delectable pastries.

4. Develop a skill

There are numerous crafts you can try to help you relax your mind while still making something beautiful (hopefully). For inspiration, peruse the countless crafting communities on YouTube and Instagram.

5. Watch films

Though going to the movies with your buddies may be one of the things you lack right now, video streaming makes movies readily available with a tap or touch. Construct a makeshift theater in your living room and project your favorite films or television shows that you’ve skipped. You may also produce popcorn or cook your favorite treats if you have access to a microwave. Make no apologies for binge-watching the sequence or indulging in a complete movie marathon. Take whatever actions render you comfortable at the moment.

6. Maintain a social life

Whether you live with mates, relatives, or alone, it is essential to maintain communication with others to escape isolation. While you’re still doing university work, try forming online study groups of fellow students to infuse your week with a semblance of normalcy – it’s just like being on campus (sort of!)

7. Create a blog

you can create a blog based on your choice. It’s time to get the imaginative adrenaline flowing, whether you’re using it as an online writing portfolio, a place to express your interests, or a chance to try something different.

8. Learn to code

In today’s highly digital world, having the opportunity to code may be a significant asset. So put aside your technophobia and learn how to master this widely sought-after talent.

9. Create interactive connections with others

We also developed a sense of isolation from the outside environment as a result of being confined indoors. However, with today’s modern technology, meeting a peer in another location is never impossible—regardless of how far away. This time has unequivocally shown the importance of human communication and engagement in maintaining sanity, so why not contact your loved ones via video call or chat? You may also take things a step further by hosting a virtual watch party for your colleagues. There are many other fun activities such as connecting to random strangers using Omegle or Chatroulette chat services.

10. Read books

Not only do we need physical activity, but also mental activities. Reading books is an excellent way to keep our minds engaged. If you’ve been meaning to start or finish a book but haven’t had the chance, now is the time. Allow yourself to flee the confines of your home by immersing yourself in the pages of a good book.

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