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10 ways to improve your website’s conversion rate

website conversion rate
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No matter what kind of business you’re in, it needs a direction. The most successful businesses have set goals and timelines they are striving to meet. In order for any company to achieve their goals, they must get customers to their site at a point in time when they are ready to take action. Without a strategy to accomplish this, your website’s conversion rate will stagnate, and you will lose business. Here are a few basic strategies that will help your site to get the conversion rate you’re shooting for.

1. Limit Your Fields

When you want a visitor to your site to take action, make it easy for them. Don’t ask for a lot of information if it is not needed. Keep the fields they have to fill out to only a few and they are more likely to follow through.

2. Offer A Guarantee

New customers are more likely to take action when they know they have little to lose. You can lower their risk by offering a money-back guarantee on whatever product or service they choose. You may get a few returns, but the increased number of sales will far outweigh the losses.

3. Provide Testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful tool when used in the right way. Use them on product pages and on email offerings. The more a visitor sees your past successes, the more they will want to be a part of future accomplishments.

4. Design Attention Grabbing Headlines

Create your headline so it will grab their attention right away. As you design your campaign, come up with ten or more possibilities and test each one on a smaller scale before attempting a full-scale program.

5. Stay Above The Fold

Make sure your opt-in boxes and other action elements are placed right in the visitor’s line of sight. Most new visitors are not willing to scroll down to get the information they need. By placing the call to action above the fold you are more likely to keep them on the page longer.

6. Let Them Know Your706 Successes

By posting the number of subscribers or social media followers you have, it will instill visitor confidence. They will understand that they are dealing with a well-established business and they have less risk if they follow through on your request.

7. Don’t Make Them Guess

Guessing games are for fun, but not for business. Your visitors need to know exactly what you want them to do. If they need to click on a page, make a purchase, or sign-up for something, always make sure that what they need is right in front of them.

8. Be Real

Most people today are suspicious of grand promises made by businesses. It is best to be truthful and honest. Focus your copywriting on the facts. Make your message compelling and intriguing but keep it clear and concise and factual. This is more likely to help them make a decision rather than grand gestures and promises.

9. Create Tunnel Vision

Help your visitor to keep his focus by eliminating anything on your page that could draw his or her attention away from what you want to do. Regardless of the action you want them to take, your landing page should be simply and targeted so as to channel their vision to taking that one step.

10. Use Emotion Effectively

Tap into their emotional reserves by carefully choosing emotionally-charged words. Learn how to tell a story that will keep visitors on the edge of their seat. The more excited they are about your product or service the more likely they will take the action that you want them to do.

Keep in mind that the secret to high conversion rates is to create a campaign that you know will work. This means that you should always test your message on a smaller scale first before rolling out a full campaign. Whether you are strategizing to create push notification for customer retention or implementing another type of marketing campaign, remember that your goal is to connect with visitors on a level that will instill confidence in your business. If you are successful with this, higher conversion rates will naturally follow.

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