10 tips on how to shoot a video with a phone

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Smartphone video recording is one of the most favorite pastimes of nearly anyone living in this generation. Regardless of people’s age or social status, it is almost impossible to think of anyone who doesn’t use a smartphone to capture everyday scenarios.

If you’re one of those enthusiasts who want to know about the best tips on how to film on your phone, the following will certainly be of great help.

1. Know the fundamentals on how to record a professional video

Acting like a professional on what you do is the key to excellence and as such, it should be imperative that you are knowledgeable about the core concepts on how to shoot video on your phone like a pro. The most common mistake that people make in capturing videos with their phones is that they just hit the record button and expect the images therein to just follow the pattern that they have in mind. Right from the start of your phone-videoing exploits, instill the professional attitude already in your mind.

2. Choose the most appropriate phone that suits your goals

Choosing your phone is like choosing a great weapon that’s why it’s highly crucial that you should choose the best phone for vlogging. 2021 is a year in which a great set of breakthroughs were released and picking the best phone that suits your goals shouldn’t be that difficult. Features to look for should include imaging capabilities, resolution, memory size, battery power duration, and of course, durability.

3. Attain some mobile filmmaking tips

Believe it or not, some world-class films today that are shown in film festivals are actually shot using just a mobile phone. This means that even with such a tiny device, quality movies and video presentations that can meet global standards can actually be produced by just a single person. In this regard, mobile cinematography tips must be also included in your “to-do list” as you decide on learning how to shoot professional video with a smartphone.

4. Practice proper angling and framing

In communication arts, there is a saying that goes, “it’s not just what you say, but it’s also how you say it.” If we agree with this, we have to agree as well that “it’s just not about the video, but also about how you capture that video.”

The best way to truly execute such sayings is by, of course, capturing your videos in the best possible angles and frames. This would mean that knowing when it’s high enough or low enough should be factors that you must always consider. This is also a matter of knowing not just the center of your focus but also in capturing the proper proportions of that object you’re videoing. If you’re planning to master such an art, then you’re already on your way on how to make a phone video look professional.

5. Enhance your sound-recording skills

Even though shooting videos are mainly about visual imagery, there is one aspect that you must treat with equal importance: quality audio. If we are to ask any professional video editor out there, nothing degrades an otherwise excellent video than accompanying it with very bad sound quality. Because of this fact from experts, you should also add another crucial skill to your videoing skillset: recording sound properly.

Thankfully for any smartphone owner, any mobile communication device today is already equipped with sound-recording software that’s just very easy to use. You as an aspiring vlogger or anyone who just wishes to learn how to shoot a video with a phone must never ignore this.

6. Obtain the necessary gear and accessories

Although a good phone is really all you need for the main task that’s discussed here, you must never undermine the importance of having the supplemental gear and accessories that can further enhance the quality of your planned videos. If you’re having the objective on how to shoot video on mobile, the right tripod, stabilizers, and lighting equipment should be also present nearby whenever you are filming on a phone.

7. Understand the importance of proper lighting

As mentioned above, lighting equipment is something that you should consider owning to have an excellent mobile video setup. This is to ensure that whenever you are doing some indoor videoing, you can have clearer visuals. This can make your videos more engaging to watch and much more professional-looking.

8. Learn about the best video editing application as per your requirement

No list of tips to record a video would ever be complete without the inclusion of a video editing application. As such, you should also do your best to learn about 2 or more software applications that you can use to edit your videos and enhance them to meet today’s standards and demands. The best options to pick from should include Filmora, Adobe Rush, and WeVideo. If you are not interested in learning about any professional software. You can also go for an online application like Celebrate Buzz. This online application helps you to make and share celebration videos easily and quickly.

9. Know the basics of live mobile broadcasting

Nowadays, social media platforms include live broadcasting that people can use for selling commodities online or just showing the world about the things they love doing. Since this fad is something that isn’t going away soon, learning how to capture footage and then broadcast immediately is something that you should also learn about. It could be a way of showing to your peers that you are someone who must never be left behind whenever the latest videography methods are utilized.

10. Keep effects and transitions minimal

Most articles about tips for recording video on your phone are so heavy with technicalities that beginners like you might find them very hard to grasp and apply to your personal goals. Surprisingly, many experts believe that in videography, “there is amazing beauty in simplicity.” This could be attributed to the concept of not presenting your videos in a manner that they are bloated with too many effects to the point where the main message is already too obscured. This is a mistake that newbies, as well as some of those who shoot professional video with phones, are making. – don’t fall for this mistake.

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