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10 reasons to outsource medical billing to India

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Medical billing and management are very frustrating and time consuming tasks. Medical practitioners are often end up getting engaged in tasks like enhancement of client satisfaction, dealing and reducing billing errors, improvement of cash flow and struggles to cut down costs. These back-office tasks hinder the way to give attention to the foremost practice, which is patient care. Therefore, these tasks can be best handled by external and experienced outsource billing companies. It has became a trend for medical organizations for outsource their billing services.

There are many pros of outsourcing medical billing services. It can save overall costs, physicians’ time, increases process efficiency, enhance consistency, or transparency. One can easily get to know about the benefits of outsource medical billing to India

Furthermore, the process of outsourcing entails the same method of establishing a relationship between client and customer. The difference is that, in this, the interaction is either between the patient and hospital management or between the hospital management and insurance company.

Medical outsource billing in India

India is considered the top outsourcing destination in the world. That is why; most of the medical organizations in US and around the world find it convenient to outsource their medical billing to India.


There are numerous advantages of outsourcing medical billing. Some of them are as follows;

  1. Cost Advantage: Cost advantage is one of the main reasons for medical companies to outsource. The medical companies have to spend a lot in infrastructure, training, recruitment or in short, to build a set up. By outsourcing to India, the cost can come down to 50% easily. By doing so, the companies can gain a lot of profit.
  2. Easy recruitment: As outsourcing is a complex work and only people who have an expertise in this can do it easily. Finding right people for this work often get very difficult for the medical organizations. So, they prefer to choose the companies who have an expert man force. By this, they can get their work done on time with less effort.
  3. Infrastructure and technology: India is growing tremendously in infrastructure and technology. The rapidly increasing number of technology and IT universities has facilitated the country to grow more and more. The faster internet have made it easy to communicate and reduced downtime.
  4. Language Advantages: The English speaking skill of Indians is way better than any other developing country as it has the highest number of English speaking people. The majority of people are efficient in this and this make easy for them to communicate with the foreign clients. Due to the convenience, foreign companies prefer to outsource to India.
  5. Reliability: In terms of work ethics and professionalism, Indian Medical Companies are very reliable. Therefore, medical organizations favor them to outsource.
  6. Quality Service: The outsource companies take different tests of the candidates to make sure that they choose people with outstanding qualities and skills. Furthermore, the education system of India provides opportunities for the students to learn multiple skills. Hence, the quality service is ensured by the companies.
  7. Government stability: The government in India is very stable and encourages the companies to work with foreign companies. It has started a campaign named ‘Make in India’ to invite international organizations to work in India.
  8. Experience: India has been into this business for more than a decade. It has huge exposure and experience in the medical billing services.
  9. Faster expansion: In US, the overall expense of real state, recruitment, infrastructure, and other operational expenses is extensive and can take more time. Comparatively, outsourcing in India can be less expensive and expand the business instantly.
  10. Compliance check: The outsource companies in India keep themselves updated about new trends and standards and function accordingly. This makes them provide quality of work always.

Above mentioned reasons force international medical organizations to outsource their billing work to India.

Story by Cyndy Lane

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