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10 popular bloggers share ways to chase passion

Getting ahead and doing exploits, in this highly competitive world, is all about thinking a little out-of-the-box. Thinking a little differently won’t come easy because it will require you to take some risks, but eventually, it will be worth the efforts. You will need to make strides to find out what you are really passionate about, and this isn’t an easy thing to do. However, there are trusted leaders and teachers out there who are so eager to help you. Below is a list of 10 popular bloggers that are trying to help thousands of people get past their barriers and chase their dreams.

Jonathan Fields

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Popular blogger Jonathan Fields talks about the possibility of making a living out of whatever you enjoy doing.

“What makes you come alive?”

After taking the pragmatic approach himself, in creating career renegade, Jonathan Fields advised that the perfect way to make a living from what you love to do is to follow this step: “What are the contents, topics, processes, activities and things that fuel your fire? The things that make your heart limp in anticipation and lose track of time when doing them. Think about them, but not too deeply, because it’s has got to be from the gut. These are your passions.” There are many tools in the world today that can help you actualize these identified passions such as digital tools, marketing tools, finance tools and lots more.

Ann Sanders

Ann Sanders chose to follow her passion for natural living by developing AGreenHand. She’s of the opinion that you simply “have to put your passion first, even if it doesn’t fetch you much money at first.” According to her, pursuing your passion is simply a way out of the competitiveness of our society, as it will give you an edge over others.

John Wesley

“I think there is truth to chasing your passion, but it’s also a bit dangerous. Simply following a passion won’t help you build income unless you develop it as a business”. The way for you to chase your passion is:

You need to actively look for opportunities to create value with your passions. You need to use them to help others, instead of just indulging yourself”.

Naomi Dunford

She has a different arc to this subject, which is evident in her claims that “I believe that passion and money belong in the same sentence, but not quite so close together. Do what you love, do it very well, be prepared to accept appropriate payment for it, let people know what you’re doing and that you’re excellent at it, and then — at the very least — a sustenance level of money will follow.”

How to follow your passion

“This might make me the bad guy, but I don’t believe that passion inherently begets money. I believe that passion makes it far easier to navigate the hurdles that come between you and money. The mountain standing in your way is a lot easier to climb when you’re passionate. If you’re not passionate you look at the mountain, realize how big it is, say “Screw it, I don’t give a shit anymore,” and then tell your friends and family that the mountain was too high. Uh, no.”

Jeff Goins

“My passion for writing began with a search for accolades, and awards. I didn’t realize that my search was keeping me from the very thing I sought.” According to the founder of Goins Writer, you simply have to understand what you love doing and follow these steps in making a living out of it:

Focus on passion, not results

  • Focus on doing the utmost with your passion, when no one is watching
  • Care less about your audience’s affections
  • Respect the process, and results will come
  • Commit to a practice schedule
  • Create something unique out of your passion.

J.D. Roth

“Do what you love and the money will follow’ sounds good, and I certainly encourage people to give it a shot, but I don’t think it’s a given. If I hadn’t done what I loved with Get Rich Slowly (and my other blogs), I would never have known if there were money there or not. I’m glad I gave it a shot. I think other people should pursue their dreams, too.”

Leo Babuata

From his perspective, chasing your passion shouldn’t be a thing that’s done only for the money. It should, however, be a thing done for the love of what you do. “It sounds a bit too much like a guaranteed statement. I don’t agree that it’s a sure thing, but as I said, you have better odds if you follow your passion. I’d change it to something like, Follow your passion, and don’t worry about the money. You’ll be happier, and you’ll give yourself a better chance at the money.”

Gretchen Rubin

When you chase a passion, you place yourself on a path to greatness without even realizing the stress therein. This is the angle from which Gretchen Rubin speaks on the subject.

“If you follow a passion, you’ll enjoy your life as you’re working to achieve your goal, so if you don’t hit it, you won’t have spent all that time in vain.

Also, I’ve noticed something. When people are doing something they enjoy, they figure things out more easily. They challenge themselves more. They’re more curious. They remember information better. They make social connections more easily. These things tend to make success more likely, and therefore, they make money more likely.”

Darren Rowse

Chasing a passion isn’t always a guarantee that you will find a lasting economic value in it. However, it is always worth the efforts, so you can give it a try. ProBlogger Darren Rowse talks about how you can chase your dreams, albeit not necessarily making millions from it.

“I think pursuing a passion and making money can be true – but what if you love doing something that there is just no economic sense in?”

Mignon Fogarty

The founder of Quick and Dirty Tips, Mignon Fogarty, has a more objective view about the realism of passion. She claims “I think it’s a myth. There are all kinds of people who follow their passion and don’t make a lot of money. Some even go bankrupt. Having passion and loving something don’t guarantee that you’re good at it or that it will make a successful business.”

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