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10 high end feature list that luxury home buyers want

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The epitome of a luxury home is not just a well-equipped house. Rather, a luxury home is one whose features will allow the owner to feel lavish or spoiled. Think of royalty. Think opulence. Think extreme extravagance.

The word luxury brings to mind a lot of amenities, such as swimming pools, saunas, gyms at home, tennis courts, garden, games rooms and fully stocked kitchens but what are the extra elements that buyers of luxury homes want? What is a luxury home buyer looking for the purchase of his new home? These are 10 things that the wealthiest seek before buying a house.

A house with character

A house is not luxurious unless it has a large entrance with a large staircase that leads to a second floor, and open, airy and extensive floors.


We cannot escape the growing swarm of technological innovations. Today’s homeowners want everything related to technology, and the builders who adapt to this technological trend are those who will stay at the top of the real estate market. Literally, with a touch of a button on your Smart Phone:

  • you can now lock the doors,
  • control the climate of your home,
  • turn the lights on and off,
  • control your alarm system and everything from the other side of the country

These are the built-in features that today’s luxury home buyers are looking for.

The builders who install these wireless home automation devices are spot on with the trends that luxury home buyers are looking for.

At the opposite end of the spectrum of technology is an increasing trend for recyclable materials. Homeowners are increasingly aware of their environmental footprint and are looking for houses that use old recycled materials such as wooden beams, wooden floors and doors.

Fully equipped kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house. An opulent life requires a magnificent kitchen. Forbes magazine says that a quality kitchen is a huge necessity when it comes to a million-dollar house. An opulent kitchen will always contain a warm atmosphere, wine coolers, quality appliances similar to a restaurant, and a lot of storage in a large pantry.

External kitchen and swimming pools

A well-stocked indoor kitchen is not simply enough for someone looking for luxury. The well-to-do buyers now crave the comforts of a cozy kitchen and outdoor kitchen area.

The main features of the ideal outdoor kitchen would include:

  • a built-in gas grill,
  • a sink,
  • a food preparation area,
  • a small fridge for food,
  • and drink storage and plenty of other areas.

Large pools, hot tubs and changing cabins are also on the top lists of those seeking luxury. Spacious pools with water games, such as waterfalls and lots of privacy is necessary.

Location, location, location

The location is the jewel in the crown of the house itself. Rich or poor all want their little piece of paradise. An extensive private, tree-lined property that is kept safe from prying eyes is a must when it comes to luxury living.

The wealthy buyers want exclusivity in their property, a hidden oasis, a place to be free, to rest and relax in the most absolute secrecy. Whether the property is in front of an exclusive beach, all buyers of luxury homes want the perfect hidden location.

Gaming and cinema rooms

The gaming and cinema halls (or Home Theater) are little old but still current caprice when we talk about luxury homes. It is already a fact that a million-dollar house must have a cinema and a gaming room.

Luxury homeowners seek to take advantage of this trend even further with amenities such as indoor basketball courts, indoor pools and sports bars that feature televisions and lots of liquor.

Large bathrooms

A lavish life requires a splendid bath. The trips of a high-class person will take you to some of the best spas and hotels in the world. Homeowners want to recreate this luxury in their daily lives through spa-like bathrooms in their own homes.

This includes impressive showers, underfloor heating, towel warmer and of course a huge immersion bathtub, where you can escape the stress of Wall Street.

Exercise rooms

The rich do not like to sweat in the gym in front of everyone. Who can blame them when they can exercise in their own private sports facilities, in their own homes? The zenith of gyms at home, obviously is to include a lot of space for weights and equipment, but also include wireless speakers, televisions and of course, a covered sauna and pool to relax after training.

A huge main room

Luxury should not stop when one crosses the threshold of their most intimate sanctuary (the bedroom). Many hours of our lives are spent in the bedroom. It is imperative that the bedroom be a large open space with space for a huge bed and plenty of resting areas.

First class technology is also welcome in this private lodging. With integrated automation systems for lighting, security, remote control curtains and climate control top the list of what should not be missing in the bedrooms.

Dressing rooms

An extension of the room is the dressing room. A high priority for wealthy women is a place to store and show off their extravagant purchases such as shoes, bags and cosmetics. Women and men alike seem to have a growing desire for a large separate room to dress and show off their high-end garments.

This area of ​​the house would require walls lined with cedar shelves, racks to show shoes, bags and ties, and of course plenty of lighting and mirrors to model your chosen attire or apply makeup.