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10 digital marketing trends and innovations for 2020

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Technology has made the world a smaller place; it has allowed people and businesses to connect across continents. The sharing of information and ideas has never been easier with new technology appearing regularly. You can explore the trends in 2020 to look out for in digital marketing by reading below.

1. AI in Digital Marketing

AI refers to machines and robots performing some of the same tasks as humans. It uses a combination of features such as Chatbots, and voice assistance to help people get answers or solve queries. Siri is one of the best-known examples of AI intelligence that’s currently in use.

AI robots can take orders and carry them out behind the scenes. It’s possible by obtaining data through sensors and input factors programmed into its software. Some digital agencies use AI in helping professionals track and improve advertising campaigns.

2. Personalization

To stand out from the media noise, you need to personalize your marketing. This means creating customized content and emails to customers. 63% of consumers get annoyed with generic advertising campaigns, and 90% say that they find personalization appealing.

3. Visualization

Research has shown that people prefer visual content over text-rich information. You can see this in the growth of social platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Customers tend to remember visuals easier than the name of a product.

You can make sure that your business benefits by adding infographics, images, and videos to your text information. These make it more interesting and help get your message across.

4. Messaging Apps

Arguably one of the top digital marketing trends for 2020 is social messaging apps. Whatsapp alone has 1.6 Billion active users, and the Facebook messenger has 1.3 Billion. It makes sense that your business would want to take advantage of these platforms.

It’s a great way to message customers directly, adding value to the user experience. People also expect businesses to have a messaging app presence, as it allows them to contact the company directly and quickly.

5. Video Marketing

Videos are one of the most popular ways that customers prefer to learn about products. It’s an essential b2b marketing trend in 2020, and will likely continue to grow for years to come. It’s not only YouTube that you can use to reach customers. You can also incorporate videos into a live Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram broadcast.

6. Social Influencers

This is a type of word-of-mouth marketing that uses key leaders in a particular market to boost your brand. Sometimes influencers can be celebrities, but often some influencers have massive marketing clout only on social media. They are social media personalities that have a considerable following in a particular niche and can help spread the word about your business on their channels.

7. Insight-driven Marketing

Businesses need to take advantage of the data that they’ve collected from various digital marketing sources—using analytics and insight to drive business performance, optimizing results from digital marketing. This data-driven marketing will provide the business with a direction and help it recognize problems that need fixing.

8. Chatbots

A chatbot is, in effect, a virtual concierge. Prevalent in online gambling industries, the bot is programmed to pick up specific phrases and keywords to handle common queries. If you’ve ever played any online casino games, such as enjoying free bingo Canada online, you would have seen the little windows that pop up for a live chat.

More often than not, there is a chatbot that will initially reply. Customers prefer to use a chatbot rather than talking to a live person. Businesses need to understand this and offer Chatbots on websites.

9. Interactive Content Marketing

Anything that customers can swipe, click on, or interact in any way online will draw their attention to your business. Quizzes, polls, and 360-degree videos are beneficial for online marketing.

It is especially popular in affiliate marketing trends for 2020. It allows companies to share new products, training material, and information with remote parties in an engaging manner without the affiliate having to be present.

10. Immersive VR and AR Technology

Although still in its infancy, this technology is set to be the most significant marketing upset for businesses. Imagine your customer sitting on their couch, exploring your showroom in a fully immersive environment. Think of gamblers playing a live poker game inside a real-life casino right from the comfort of home.

According to our gaming expert, Daniel Bennet, it’s a technology that will change not only how the gambling industry does its marketing but also how it presents its products. He says it’s only the tech cost that is currently still keeping it out of mainstream use. From sampling to purchasing, VR and AR make the process seamless and instantaneous.


There is no doubt that any business that wants to remain relevant in 2020 needs to study it’s current marketing initiatives and align with trends.