10 cookie subscriptions you’ll be dying to receive every month

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Are you fond of cookies? We don’t know anyone who isn’t fond of cookies. If there is, we haven’t met one yet. Not only are cookies delicious, eating them will make you feel good (unless, of course, you eat way too many and get a tummy ache).

Please don’t get stuck on chocolate chips (although they’re lip-smacking). There’s a whole other world of delicious and artisanal cookies out there. Here’s an article that talks about the 10 cookie subscriptions you will be dying to receive every month.

10 cookie subscriptions you must opt for

1. Cravory Cookies subscription

Cravory is a well-known handcrafted, unique cookie. They have an impressive variety of flavors.

Cravory Cookies are supremely delicious. Handcrafted with the finest ingredients and flavorful combinations, The Cravory has raised the bar when it comes to traditional cookies. You can become a part of the Cookies of the Month Club. Join the lucky cookie connoisseurs who receive a box of deliciousness. They get cookies every month right at their doorstep.

2. The Nunbelievable Cookie subscription

The name Nunbelievable has been inspired by a nun group who devoted their entire life to provide meals for the needy. Founded in the year 2019 by Janeczko and Biza, Nunbelievable has a noble aim to end hunger forever. Making a difference is essential, especially in today’s world.

You can choose four flavors from chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and double chocolate. Which one is your pick?

Nunbelievable cookies are specially made from the highest quality, all-natural, and non-GMO ingredients.

In addition to the delicious cookies, they will also double the number of meals donated.

  • 3 Month Prepay 12 Meals.
  • 6 Month Prepay 24 Meals.
  • 12 Month: 48 Meals.

One cookie equals one meal. So, you can opt for the subscription and do a good deed.

3. Airy Bakes Macaron subscription

Macaron subscriptions are not all the same. This variant from Airy Bakes shows this pattern by offering unusual flavors. On second thought, the variety of flavors is the highlight of this brand.

There are three subscription durations for you to consider.

  • The 3-month variant costs $120.
  • The 6-month variant costs $250 and comes with an additional month free.
  • Lastly, the 12-month subscription costs $590 ($500 on sale) and includes additional two months.

4. Tubby Taste vegan desserts for everyone

Tubby Taste offers a 3-month subscription box, which costs $24.95.

The subscription offers you twelve vegan cookies every month in one of three flavors. You can get flavors like chocolate chip cookies, rum and raisin, and coconut, oatmeal, and cinnamon.

5. Fat.Cookie

The cookies from big fat cookies are gigantic. They are a beast. The makers bake these cookies in small batches and the base of this company in Chicago.

As the name suggests, the cookies are chunky, big, and delicious.

6. The Best Box Ever Bakery

Calling it ‘The Best Box Ever Bakery’ seems a little too ambitious, especially when the site is towards the ‘lean’ side. Their marketing states that you can choose varied options for your boxes, including whether you want non-food bakery food items included. Also, there are only two boxes to choose from, and these both contain sugar cookies (and nothing else).

The difference between the cookie boxes is just the size – one contains half a dozen cookies, the other one has a dozen.

The half dozen variant of the goodies subscription costs about $26 on a month-to-month basis. The dozen goodies box subscription costs about $44. Both provide hefty discounts if you prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months.

7. Junita’s Jar Cookie

Junita’s Jar does not have handmade cookies. Instead, you will get cookie packages. Each of the packages contains six individual packs of 3-ounce cookies.

The only subscription option you have is a three-month membership. This costs about $67, and one has to pay the total amount at the start.

8. Mademoiselle Macaron

If you’re looking for top quality, Mademoiselle Macaron is a wise choice. The way that the brand focuses entirely on macarons means that they know what they are doing. It does not mean that you are only going to receive macarons. You get a selection of different cookie types.

You are not going to get the usual bland flavors each month. Mademoiselle Macaron aspires to offer an assortment of the latest flavors. It means you always get something new to try. The site also states that you get an up-gradation to a box of eighteen yummy macarons every six months, which is a nice bonus.

9. Top Shelf Cookies

Do you want cookies at your door or wherever you want them?

Top Shelf Cookies will pick flavors every month; this means you’ll get new flavors as they are rolled out!

This is a monthly subscription – you will be billed monthly. Set it up once, and get a dozen of the Cookie of the Month every month!

You can always subscribe and save.

  • 3 Month Cookie of the Month Subscription
  • 6 Month Cookie of the Month Subscription
  • 12 Month Cookie of the Month Subscription (Shipping is included for all options)

10. Mrs. Fields

Mrs. Fields delivers a wide range of cookies all over the country. The company offers gourmet cookies, cakes, and gift boxes. Their website has a long list of themed packages of special treats, so you’ll be able to find something for all kinds of occasions. Some of their themes include Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, and even Halloween.

Concluding thoughts

Life is sweeter and better with a cookie subscription. Cookies can be healthy, tasty, and wholesome. Of course, you won’t stop at one, but sometimes having one can satisfy your cravings.

For some people, having one cookie helps beat their hunger pangs.

So, if you are a cookie lover or need a snack on the go, opt for a cookie subscription. Some of the cookie subscriptions are helping needy people (check out nunbelievable).

Go ahead and sign up for it.

Story by Chris Johnson

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