10 biometric time clock features

businessIf you’re a business owner that needs to control your employees’ schedules, you’ll know that regular clock in systems just don’t work. It can be quite a hassle trying to double check every single employee. With buddy punching and piles of paperwork it’s almost impossible for you to have attendance accuracy.

And you can’t ignore this right? It can affect salaries, implicate performance reports and affect morale. So what do you do?

This is where the biometric clock in system works at its best. The state of the art technology ensures you get undeniably accurate attendance and clock in times.

What’s different? Biometric clock features simplify the work for you and your employees with a fingerprint recognition device. By just holding a finger against the Biometric clock the employee will be identified with the time of attendance listed.

How Can You Benefit from the Biometric Clock In System?

Let’s see how this technological expense turns into an investment as tech works to benefit you. The top advantages are:

  • No time theft from your employees: It’s an unfortunate truth that your employees might be unfaithful and dishonest but with the biometric system eliminates that with no way for cheating on hours worked.
  • Money saver: In the long run this device will save you enough money thanks to administration that’s done timeously and accurate payments made to your employees. Since there’s no chance of human error you won’t ever pay too much again.
  • Control is now possible for all business owners: This tech went from only being available for big corporate companies & the government to being a viable option for any business owner.
  • Customized control: You get quality devices that offer diverse functions such as scanners that give you the option of fingerprint or iris scanning.
  • Stay in control always: You can manage all your companies from one place which works great for franchise owners or employers that travel a lot.

So what are the features that will make all this happen? Here’s a list of the top 10.

10 of the Best Biometric Time Clock Features

Automatic Data Capturing

Increase the productivity in your workplace. Payroll capturing can take a full day’s work and as the old saying goes ‘time is money’. At the end of the day you’ll have to pay the person responsible for entering & re-entering the attendance times which can cost you an additional 4 – 8 hours labor once or twice a month.

Why not save on these extra wages and change it into a task that takes only a few minutes? This smart device will collect the data for you whether you have ten or 10 000 employees.

Safety Protection Against Hackers

One of the many reasons companies decide against installing a biometric clock in system is security. They fear hackers will gain access to the fingerprints scanned in on the system.

In reality biometric scanners don’t take or save the actual fingerprints of employees. The scan has a feature that translates the fingerprint into a number code thus making it impossible for identity thieves to use any fingerprints without a matching picture.

Quick Finger Response Rate

Quality biometric systems will further enhance time efficiency on site with high speed finger recognition and glitch free entry. No more waiting in long queues after lunch breaks to sign the register.

Small & Compact

Most biometric systems are small enough to put anywhere in the workplace and some might even be portable. Compare this with a large time ticket system that takes up an entire wall or table. This is how you save space and declutter the office.

Liveness Detection

Did you know that it’s incredibly easy to use a gummy bear to copy a fingerprint onto a device?

Some conventional biometric systems can be easily circumvented so it’s important to do proper research when you purchase yours. Opt for a device with similar features as the Lumidigm’s multispectral imaging technology from Advance Systems. These devices use illumination wavelengths and can easily detect spoofs.

T9 Input Method

Most systems don’t require any software operation and editing such as names or departments can be done on the machine itself. The devices are simple designs which are prerequisites when you run a busy office, right?

User Friendly

It’s easy to download your data with most of the biometric devices. Simply use a USB flash disc and add it directly to your Excel spreadsheet. Managing your files require minimal effort to:

  • Add or remove employees
  • Change date and time settings
  • Search for a specific individual’s log in details

Stylish Appearance

If you’re worried about the device interfering with your décor style, don’t be. They mostly come in sleek designs that easily blend in and add some sophistication to the space.

Heavy Duty Usage

Manual write in attendance registers can easily tear, get lost or accidentally be spilled on. The mess and the possible loss of detail can affect accuracy and of course frustrate a business owner. With modern tech you don’t have this problem. The biometric devices are made to last in harsh environments and usually have scratch free scanners.

Accurate Data Capturing

An SHRM/Kronos survey done in 2014 showed that 20.9 – 22.1% of total payroll is paid to absence costs. Taking accurate attendance can save you from having to throw your money down the drain.

The biometric clock in devices are made with utmost accuracy in mind:

  • An individual file for each employee will be created with his or her personal details & ID number. This prevents misallocation of hours.
  • No lost data or paperwork to worry about.
  • The system detects when employees are on leave or absent from work.


You live in a modern society and the biometric clock in systems are perfect examples of how technology can improve life. This list of features proves how much you can gain and how much frustration you can wave goodbye to at last.

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