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10 best productivity tips for working from home

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Staying attentive while working from home can be challenging. Boosting productivity while working in your pajamas can be too strenuous.

So, we’ve listed a few tips for working from home here. You can taste corporate success by keeping yourself motivated, even while working remotely. Take a quick look at these tips and tricks below.

Best practices for working from home

Working from the comforts of your couch can be excellent, but we all know that it has its own downsides. Don’t let working from home impact your productivity with these top 10 tips discussed below.

1. Spruce up your workspace

Having a cluttered workspace hampers productivity to a large extent. Ensure you only have your laptop and other office essentials in your home workspace. Organize it and keep unwanted items out of the way.

That way, it gets you in the zone, and you don’t ease up in your pajamas while working. On that note, dress up instead of working in your jammies. Dressing up puts you in work mode, and there will be a transition between work and home.

Staying motivated comes automatically once you keep your workspace clean. So, the first tip is to keep your working region neat and tidy.

2. Download productivity apps

Train your brain with productivity apps on your PC. No matter how much we make a mindset about staying productive, we all deviate the minute a notification pops up from Instagram or our favorite YouTube channels.

That’s precisely why productivity apps are needed. They are helpful. With these, you can ensure you stay constructive and add value to your organization without spending much time on social media while at home.

There are hundreds of apps available with a single Google search. Download the one that best fits your needs. You will see yourself working effectively than before. It is one of the tips and tricks to boost productivity.

3. Maintain a routine

One of the best practices for working from home is to set a routine. While travel time to your workplace is cut down, you can utilize that hour to exercise or complete your daily tasks before sitting down for work.

Doing household chores between work hours may not be the ideal option. It will only stress you out more and make you less productive at work. If you have a 9-to-5 job, complete all the tasks before 9.

If you’re a freelancer, it is essential to be driven and not lose track of time. Having a routine is essential but sticking to it is what makes the difference.

4. Have a good night’s sleep

Staying up late because you need not rush to your office the next morning is just not good for your health. Plus, it slows down your productivity, and you might need a day or two to bounce back to normal.

Getting around 6-7 hours of sleep every day is vital. It is easy to relax and end up completing your favorite Netflix series staying up the whole night but never do that.

Set a time to watch movies and ensure you switch off once the clock hits your sleep time. Poor sleep can be one of the major factors to disrupt your productivity.

5. Take frequent breaks

We cannot stress how important it is to take short breaks while working from home. Set a timer for an hour and take a break for about 5-10 minutes.

Working continually can exhaust you after a few hours. Keep it balanced. To stay focused, use productivity apps, set a timer, or take a break only after completing the task.

Take a breather. Go for a walk in your garden, play with your pet, or bond with your family members to refresh. Breaks re-energize you and help you stay effective even while working from home. Use these apps to stay productive.

6. Stay away from social media

One of the biggest roadblocks to staying productive is social media. Scrolling endlessly on social media is the first and the last thing we do every day. Well, they overrule our lives than ever.

Turn all the notifications off during work hours. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but you need to get used to it.

Having FOMO or the urge to look at your phone every time a notification pops up lowers the time spent on work. Set aside your phone and use it only during breaks. It is one of the tips for working from home.

7. Stay connected and build your network

Communicate effectively with your team members and build your network. But you can attend meetings, take screenshots, and screen recordings to communicate better with this app here. Networking with your colleagues while working from home may not possible.

But, you can schedule meetings with them rather than collaborating on plain text. Following up on a meeting or being heard is essential while working from home.

Be dressed up during video conferencing and have a friendly chat with your office mates. That way, you will not have monotonous days, and you can stay connected with your colleagues. It is one of the best practices for working from home.

8. Set basic norms for family members

Since there is no shift from office to home with work from home, being around your family members can deviate your mind quickly. So, set a basic norm for everyone and ensure you spend time with them during breaks only.

Also, make sure your workspace is isolated. How many times have you ended up in an embarrassing situation while on a video conference? Well, we all have been there.

So, inform your family members about your office timings not to interrupt you during urgent meetings. Being in a work environment can be challenging at home, but these are the little things you can do to ensure productivity.

9. Stay disciplined and be consistent

Discipline and consistency are what matters the most while working from home. If you stay disciplined and consistent with your routine, you can increase productivity and, in fact, work better than at the office.

While it’s all in the mindset, the environment matters too. Do not skip meals and do not take breaks longer than needed. Schedule breaks and stick to work hours.

Do not hesitate to take off even though it’s work from home. If you’re not in your best mental state, a day off is much needed.

10. Prioritize

On the subject of working from home, one of the tips and tricks to stay productive is to prioritize the tasks. If you don’t plan and schedule the tasks, you might end up procrastinating.

Productivity is all about prioritizing. Set a goal, focus on the most critical tasks, and get the work done in no time. It’s one of the best practices for working from home.

When you follow a routine, you complete tasks quicker and better. Plan and prioritize your work every day.

Final thoughts

Remote working may not be your tea cup. While some love to work from home, a few prefer social interaction.

So, if you’re someone who is stuck at home during this pandemic, we hope these tips have helped you in one or the other way.

Enhancing productivity boils down to staying organized, sticking to a routine, and prioritizing the tasks.

Story by Penny Ortiz

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