Window replacement cost: Your budget simplified

window replacement cost

Working out on window replacement cost is not always a walk in the park for most homeowners. It is always a win and lose game as one tries to balance the cost of the window design he prefers most with the amount he is willing to spend on it. It is human nature that we always want the best things at the lowest price possible!

To save time and avoid disappointments that may arise during the entire process of window replacement, knowing in advance the window replacement cost that one is expected to incur is imperative. We give you some insights on these costs in our article.

1. So How Much Does It Cost You for Replacement Windows?

Approximate value of the fitted window is £400. For the doors, it is £500 if it’s UPVC and up to £895 for the composite. However, this is not always fixed, but it varies depending on many other factors.

2. Window Sizes

You will be surprised to learn here that the cost of replacement windows is directly related to the number of replacement windows. The implication of this is that if you have many windows, you should be ready for a high cost of replacement windows.

For instance, terrace houses normally consist of 7-14 windows. Semi-detached may have windows ranging from 10-20. Detached houses top in the rank by having windows ranging from 10 to 30. Just as explained above, window replacement cost for each window design here will vary significantly.

Similarly, the size of the window will also determine how much you will pay per window. If the window is more prominent, you will pay a higher cost. In the other hand, if you are planning to upgrade the size of your windows, you will also need to include the building cost for changing the actual size of the window spaces.

3. Style of Windows

Once the decision of the number of windows you have and their sizes is reached, the next big thing is deciding on the window style. Here are few options for your consideration, each with varying window replacement cost.

  • Sash window
  • Leaded window
  • Bay and bow window
  • Plain glass
  • Casement window
  • Georgian bar glass 

4. Finish Options

The outer appearance is important. If you consider white UPVC, the cost of replacing windows will be low. If you go for woodgrain, you should be ready to spend more.

5. Energy Efficient Rating

Energy efficiency for windows is rated from A to A +++. The A +++ energy efficient windows are more expensive than A rated windows. However, you stand safe more on heating bills with the latter.

6. Fitting the Windows

You should include the cost of fitting your windows in addition to buying cost. That usually includes labour costs and other miscellaneous.

7. Cost of Removing the Old Windows

Once you have installed the new windows, you probably don’t need the old ones. Make sure the installer pulls them down to avoid incurring more costs to be removed

8. Our Advice to You During Replacing Your Windows

Get quotes from at least three installers and compare one offering best and affordable services. Always deal with a reputable company. You can get to know more about it from family and friend’s recommendations conclusion, replacing windows can be an excellent investment for your home and therefore take time to ensure everything goes as planned.

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