Wanna be a journalist? No, you don’t

newspaperAspiring journalists, take note: aspire to something else. CareerCast features journalist on its annual list of endangered jobs. Newspaper jobs are expected to decline by 13 percent over the next decade, ranking it fourth on the list of the most endangered careers.

The top three: mail carrier, meter reader and farmer.

There is a trend there: technology is making some jobs obsolete, or at the least increasingly unnecessary. With mail carriers and newspaper reporters, you have email and online news. With meter readers, there’s whatever technology can easily replace meter readers (this one seems a couple of decades overdue).

Farming is endangered because advances in agricultural technology have made for improved efficiencies to the benefit of bigger operations that can scale costs.

Finishing out the top 10: logger, jeweler, flight attendant, drill-press operator, insurance underwriter and seamstress/tailor.

This article, incidentally, was written by a former newspaper reporter, who more than a decade ago made the transition to blogger, web designer and marketer.

– Story by Chris Graham

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