Virginia Tech Board of Visitors to consider 2018-19 tuition and fees at March meeting

virginiatechThe Virginia Tech Board of Visitors will meet on Monday, March 26, 2018 at 1:15 p.m. in 2100 Torgersen Hall to review the various revenue and cost implications of the state’s General Assembly actions and other major initiatives that impact university costs for the upcoming year. They will also consider a tuition and mandatory fee strategy to address these cost drivers and support the university’s strategic plan.

While Virginia Tech is often viewed as an excellent value and the university works to continue that value, the board will consider a combination of tuition and fee adjustments to address increasing costs of personnel, fringe benefit rate increases, escalation in fixed costs, investment in academic programs including faculty, and enhancing high demand student support services. Academic investments are designed to help the state meet the needs for graduates in key areas.

To further advance the affordability of a Virginia Tech education, the university is also working to expand private philanthropy and increase student financial aid programs. Student financial aid programs are critical to ensuring the affordability of a Virginia Tech education for all Virginians.

The summary below provides the potential changes in undergraduate and graduate tuition and mandatory fees. Final decisions will be influenced by the outcome of the General Assembly session, when total mandated costs and the level of state support are fully understood by the university.

The following proposal of tuition and Educational and General (E&G) fee adjustments will be considered by the board of visitors. These reflect the university’s continued efforts to minimize tuition and fee increases.

  • For all undergraduate students (resident and nonresident):
    Tuition and E&G Fees 2.9% to 4.9%
    Mandatory Non-E&G Fees 2.9% to 4.9%
  • For all graduate students(resident and nonresident)
    Tuition and E&G Fees 2.9% to 4.9%
    Mandatory Non-E&G Fees 2.9% to 4.9%
  • For all doctorate students (resident and nonresident) of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine:
    Tuition and E&G Fees 2.7% to 3.9%
    Mandatory Non-E&G Fees 2.9% to 4.9%

For some incoming undergraduate and graduate students (both resident and nonresident) in certain disciplines (engineering, architecture, business, agriculture), program-specific fees may increase between $0 to $620 per semester for incoming students. These program-specific fees will address higher instructional costs, ensure continued academic quality and maintain advanced technology, and expand enrollment opportunities in these high-demand programs. This only applies to incoming students in these specific disciplines. Returning students will not be subject to these increases.

The university will utilize mandatory non-E&G fee resources to address increasing demand for counseling and health services, transit service, career services, and advanced networking in addition to the other costs listed above.

These recommendations continue a trend of slowing increases in undergraduate tuition and fees and expanded student financial aid, which will help expand access and affordability for Virginia residents at Virginia Tech.


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