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Trump voters: Russia is #fakenews?

donald trumpBuried inside the numbers of a new poll on President Trump is this nugget: Trump voters don’t care about possible collusion between his campaign and Russia, at all.

The details, from Public Policy Polling: even if it ends up being proven that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to rig the 2016 presidential election, 79 percent of Trump voters think he should remain in office.

Lemmings, right?

A majority of this same group also thinks the story has been mischaracterized: 56 percent think Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election, to 18 percent who think the country wanted Trump to win.

Funny how that works out, what with the efforts to reach out to Trump’s inner circle to share dirt on Clinton and all.

The news on Trump and Russia, which, incidentally, is moving into overdrive with the indictments of Trump’s former campaign manager and a subordinate, and the guilty plea of a former advisor related to his efforts to mislead the FBI on the nature of his contacts with Russian interests, is, to these folks, so much #fakenews.


Only 7 percent of the Trump voter set think members of Trump’s campaign team worked in association with Russia to help the candidate win the election, with 83 percent thinking it didn’t happen.

Donald Trump Jr. himself met with Russians on the promise that they had dirt to offer on Clinton. He first tried to deny it, with his father’s help in crafting a public statement, before reversing himself and admitting to the contact.

That is fact, even if Fox News prefers stories on controversial emojis to its telling.

This is how far we have sunk as a country, folks.

Evidence is mounting that the people who ran the campaign of the man who is now our president colluded with a foreign power that has nuclear missiles pointed at us, and those who allowed themselves to be hoodwinked into voting the way the foreign power wanted them to respond by saying, so the eff what?

We are all doomed, but you knew that already.

Column by Chris Graham