Tom Perriello on Affordable Care Act: Where does Ed Gillespie stand?

tom perrielloTom Perriello, famously, voted for the Affordable Care Act in his one term as Fifth District Congressman. Now Perriello, running for the Democratic Party nomination for governor, is speaking out on Republican efforts to repeal the ACA and block grant Medicaid.

“Republicans in DC are getting ready to kick millions of Americans off their ACA health insurance without a credible replacement plan. And even Republicans in Richmond are sounding alarm bells about their plan to block grant Medicaid. We know Corey Stewart is fully on board with the disastrous Trump agenda, but Ed Gillespie has been hiding. You don’t get to play Russian roulette with the lives of Virginians, especially our seniors. Will Ed Gillespie stand up to his party’s leadership and oppose this reckless plan or does he embrace it? Will the real Ed Gillespie please stand up?”

As a result of the ACA, nearly 400,000 Virginians have signed up to purchase private insurance through the health insurance marketplace, and the uninsured rate in Virginia has fallen by more than 30% since its enactment. Repeal of the ACA would affect the nearly 3 million Virginians who previously had health plans with a lifetime limit, almost 60,000 Virginians under 26 who have been able to stay on their parents’ health insurance, and approximately 115,000 Virginia seniors who have saved more than $116 mililon on drugs – an average benefit of $1,015 per beneficiary.



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