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Tim Kaine on passage of Senate GOP tax giveaway

tim kaineU.S. Senator Tim Kaine released the following statement on the partisan vote to pass the Republican tax bill overnight.

“For months, I’ve tried to convince Republicans to work with us on a tax reform bill that would actually put middle-class families and small businesses in Virginia first. Instead, they jammed through a bad bill that will raise taxes on millions of working Americans, explode the deficit, and raise health care premiums. Tonight we gave Republicans multiple opportunities to give more of the benefits to the middle class instead of big corporations and the super wealthy, but they rejected every single one. The Senate let down the people we serve today, and if this becomes law the American public will be stuck with the painful consequences for years to come.”

Kaine introduced an amendment to the tax reform bill to provide long-term middle class tax relief and drastically reduce the amount the bill adds to the deficit by cutting big giveaways to top earners. Republicans blocked the amendment.