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Three tech trends: Control

computer cloudTechnology is making great strides in 2017. Things are getting better and better each month. We have seen so many technological advances that enable us to control things. Tech trends are currently dominating our world. Below are the top tech trends that are taking the world by storm.


Virtual Assistant (Artificial Technology)

Virtual Assistant usage is increasing faster than ever before. We now use them on daily basis to meet our needs. The usefulness of virtual assistant is becoming more personalized and interactivity is at its best. It’s like you really have your own personal assistant. You can ask for anything and it gets done within seconds such as directions, calling, searching for a pokies online real money, sending texts, information, or control your device. Virtual assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Google Now, and Alexa are the top trends at the moment. From a recent online poll conducted, it shows that Apple’s Siri is the most used with 34% followed by Google Now which scored 19%, Amazon’s Alexa tallied 6%, and Microsoft Cortana also had 6%.


Voice search

Voice search is now important in every sector, it’s no longer on mobile devices only. We now prefer voice commands to using our finger tips. It now works perfectly for when searching for anything you want. The tool was released by Google, it is now supported on every mobile device. Furthermore, website developers are realizing the importance of making the website compatible with voice search.




Homes are also getting smarter, this year many tech products for homes hit the markets. The devices enable you to have total control over your house. Home automation involves controlling the lighting, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, surveillance, and some of our home appliances. Smarthome devices are usually connected to Wi-Fi. You can control your house even when you are not there. Just like you can visit a real money online casino without going to the casino. It makes your home more secure and more comfortable. There are so many home gadgets to choose from for your houses every need.