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virginia general assembly

Senate committee advances bill to limit wages for local workers

A Senate committee voted to advance a bill barring localities from requiring employers to offer pay or benefits above the minimum levels laid out in state and federal law.

virginia general assembly

Virginia Senate blocks women’s right to choose

The Senate defeated Donald McEachin’s SB 183, which would have removed the prohibition on covering abortions in insurance plans and riders sold on Virginia’s health exchange.

Republican State Senate candidate Dan Moxley endorsed by VCDL-PAC

The Virginia Citizens Defense League-PAC has endorsed Republican State Senate candidate Dan Moxley in his bid to unseat 24th District State Sen. Emmett Hanger.

virginia general assembly

Hymes calls on Chafin to disclose role in Puckett scandal

It was reported in the media last night that emails released by the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission “outline plans hatched by Del. Terry Kilgore, R-Scott, to offer Sen. Phillip P. Puckett, D-Russell, a senior job with the commission once he resigned from the Virginia Senate.”

creigh deeds

Creigh Deeds: Another shakeup on budget, Medicaid

On the evening of the 23rd of June 2014, the General Assembly went back into session to consider the Governor’s vetoes to the budget.

virginia general assembly

State Sen. Lynwood Lewis on budget vote

I have been a supporter from day one on this most important policy issue, to close the coverage gap. It is the right policy for Virginia’s budget, for Virginia businesses and for the hard working Virginians in need of health insurance and the preventative health care services insurance provides.

virginia general assembly

Group calls for investigation of Puckett resignation

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington called for an investigation into whether former State Sen. Phillip P. Puckett violated federal and state anti-corruption laws by resigning from office in exchange for a job appointment.


Senate Democrats vow to fight for Medicaid expansion

After 60 days, the Virginia Senate adjourned sine die. While the General Assembly considered and passed many laws this session, Senate Democrats remain disappointed that Republican delegates refuse to consider or negotiate on Marketplace Virginia.

Bill prohibiting celebratory gunfire passes Virginia Senate

The Virginia Senate passed HB 810, a measure to prohibit celebratory gunfire. It passed 27-13 on Wednesday on a bipartisan vote, with unanimous Democratic support and several Republicans voting in favor.

dickie bell

Del. Dickie Bell’s virtual learning bill passes the House

Legislation authored by Del. Dickie Bell (R-Staunton) to give parents and students the tools needed to ensure that every child has access to cutting edge technology for virtual learning passed the House of Delegates on Tuesday.

State Senate passes minimum wage increase

The Virginia Senate voted Tuesday 20-20 to pass a bill that would raise the state minimum wage to $9.25. The vote took place along party lines, with all Democrats supporting and all Republicans opposed. Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam broke the tie.

State Senate votes to repeal required ultrasounds before abortions

The Virginia Senate voted Tuesday to pass a bill to repeal the mandatory ultrasound requirement that Republicans passed in 2012. Senate Democrats provided 19 of the 20 votes which produced a tie, broken by Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam.

creigh deeds

Virginia Senate passes mental health reforms

Monday afternoon, the State Senate voted to pass SB 260, a mental health reform bill introduced by Sen. Creigh Deeds (D-Bath County) and co-patroned by senators from both parties.

chap petersen

Senate passes puppy mill bill, “Bailey’s Law”

On Thursday, the Virginia Senate unanimously passed SB 228, “Bailey’s Law,” the puppy mill bill patroned by Sen. Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax), one of the top legislative priorities for the Humane Society of the United States.

virginia general assembly

Recount returns Senate seat, control of chamber, to Democrats

A recount in the Sixth Senate District certified a victory for Democrat Lynwood Lewis, returning control of the State Senate to Democrats.

creigh deeds

Creigh Deeds: Mental health reform must be a priority

For the past several years, I have been forced to deal with the state’s system of mental health on behalf of my son. In November a lot of issues related to that system were thrust in my face.


State Senate passes controversial school religious freedom bill

The Virginia Senate voted on Tuesday 20-18 to pass SB 236, a bill that would enable students to express their religious views to captive audiences of their classmates, potentially creating the appearance that schools have sanctioned or approved a particular religion.


Virginia Dream Act goes down to defeat in committee

The Virginia Dream Act, which would have given young people with deferred action status in-state tuition at Virginia’s public colleges, went down to defeat in the Senate Education and Health Committee on a party-line vote of 8-7.

State Senate Democrats fight on Dream Act bill

Senate Democrats are proposing legislation that would grant in-state tuition at Virginia colleges to young people with Deferred Action status, allowing them full access to the benefits of a college education for the first time in history. The Virginia Dream Act sets out standards for students to qualify:

State Senate Democrats speak out against anti-choice bill

State Senate Democrats on Monday took to the PR route to raise issue with Republican Sen. Thomas Garrett’s bill ending funding for abortions for poor women who are carrying a fetus with totally incapacitating deformities, SB 826.

democrats republicans

Chris Graham: Obama, Kaine, Goodlatte

More than a year of buildup to what had seemed to be an inevitable Barack Obama re-election was washed away in 90 minutes in Denver on Oct. 3. If not for that one night of lethargy from the president, we’d never have come across the term “Ro-mentum,” likely not had to endure 90 minutes of guffaws from Joe Biden a few nights later – and few would have cared that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie decided to focus on his job instead of presidential politiics at the worst of Hurricane Sandy.

PPP: Senate race a dead heat

Tim Kaine had held a modest lead in the last several Public Policy Polling surveys of Virginia voters looking at the U.S. Senate race. Now that modest lead is gone

Creigh Deeds: Session update

Adjournment of the 2012 Session of the General Assembly, scheduled for March 10, is rapidly approaching, and we are in totally uncharted waters.  The Senate versions of the caboose budget bill that covers the remainder of the current fiscal year and the budget bill for the 2012-2014 biennium have been defeated in the Senate.  The…

Allen to appear at Staunton breakfast on Friday

U.S. Senate Candidate George Allen will be a guest at a dutch-treat breakfast at Shoney’s in Staunton on Friday at 8:30 a.m. Those who plan to attend can order from the menu or enjoy their breakfast bar. The get-together will take place in the private dining room.

Kaine: ‘All of the above’ on energy

The black-white debate on energy production between Republicans and Democrats generally speaking comes down to the merits of oil production vs. clean energy. It doesn’t have to be an either-or proposition, though. “We need to use every domestic source that we have. But I think we ought to be preparing for a long-term shift toward…

Kaine raised $1.65M in fourth quarter

The Tim Kaine U.S. Senate campaign announced today that it raised $1.65 million in the fourth quarter of 2011 and has $3.3 million cash on hand. Since the campaign kicked-off on April 5, 2011, Kaine for Virginia has raised more than $5.2 million from over 12,000 supporters. “I’m overwhelmed and sincerely grateful for the enthusiastic…

Kaine: Focus foreign policy on economic strength

United States foreign policy could use an overhaul. “With the close of the war in Iraq and the drawdown in Afghanistan, we need to be focused more on our international economic strength,” said U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine in an interview with AFP editor Chris Graham. Graham had asked the former Virginia governor to think…

Kaine: Deficits do matter

Tim Kaine didn’t run for governor in 2005 promising to cut the state budget to the bone, but that’s pretty much what he had to do as the state faced down the recession a year into his term. The key lesson that he learned: You can’t do across-the-board cuts. “Everything isn’t worth everything else,” said…

Kaine addresses economic issues

Tim Kaine has been taking some heat from political rival George Allen over his support for the economic-stimulus package that President Barack Obama championed as a cornerstone to an economic recovery. Funny thing, to the Democrat Kaine – the stimulus package that the Republican Allen has criticized played a key role in the decision of…

Kaine aims to ‘fix Washington’

Former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine was “surprised” when U.S. Sen. Jim Webb announced in Feburary 2011 that he would not seek re-election. Kaine had hinted after finishing out his term as governor in 2010 that he might be done with electoral politics, even as he stepped at the time into the job of chairman of…

Allen raises $1M for Senate campaign in fourth quarter

The George Allen for U.S. Senate campaign announced today a strong fundraising total in the fourth quarter of 2012, raising $1,062,132 in the period beginning Oct. 1 and ending Dec. 31. The end of the year report will show that the Allen campaign raised over $4.5 million in 2011 and will start 2012 with $2,037,405…

Kaine rallies local Democrats in Staunton

Former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine looked a little surprised when he saw the packed house at Mill Street Grill in Downtown Staunton. “The fact that you’re here on Jan. 7 – this race isn’t until November. That you are here in this number on Jan. 7 really gives me energy and enthusiasm,” Kaine told the…

Poll: Kaine builds lead in Senate race

For the first time in the walkup to their anticipated 2012 U.S. Senate race, Democrat Tim Kaine has built a small lead over Republican George Allen. A Public Policy Polling survey of Virginia voters released Thursday has Kaine with a 47 percent-to-42 percent lead over Allen in the matchup of former governors. The race had…

David Reynolds: The Electoral Mirror

Elections are not just about winners and losers. They are about you and me, the electorate who voted for those who won and lost. Thus, an election is a mirror of ourselves. So, what did we say about ourselves? We laid out a comfort zone. If a candidate was outside of it, he or she…

GOP gains two in Senate races, takes effective control of senior chamber

It wasn’t exactly a Republican wave, but the GOP did pick up two State Senate seats in Tuesday’s state elections to wrest control of the senior legislative chamber from Democrats. Bryce Reeves slid past Democratic incumbent Edd Houck at the wire in a tight 17th District race to post an unofficial 86-vote victory in the…

David Reynolds: Shop and vote local

Haven’t you had enough of that pollution coming out of an old river swamp that we call Washington, D.C.? I have. That’s why I moved to the Valley. One size doesn’t fit the entire country. It’s too big. So we carved it up by inventing federalism – state and local governments. Now we don’t always…

David Reynolds: Senator for Life

If you live in the 25th Virginia Senatorial District, Creigh Deeds has earned your support for another term. We all know that Creigh fell a little short wishing to be our governor. But please do not judge our man by that miserable gubernatorial campaign that was run for him out of a temporary White House…

Poll: Kaine holds slim lead in Senate race

A new Public Policy Polling survey of Virginia voters has former Gov. Tim Kaine ahead of former Gov. George Allen in the early, early walkup to their anticipated 2012 U.S. Senate race. Kaine held a slim two-point lead over Allen in the polling. The lead is within the poll’s margin of error. A Washington Post…

Chris Graham: Misread on 2012?

Yeah, I think I’m guilty. I’ve been thinking all along that it was the Republicans who would be the ones hopelessly split heading into the general election for the open U.S. Senate seat representing Virginia in November 2012. And then I wrote a column about the Draft Perriello movement that has elicited a string of…

The Valley’s maverick Republican: Hanger gears up for State Senate re-election run

It hasn’t been that long since the word “maverick” triggered the next drink in the drinking game. John McCain, the original GOP maverick, has since made a hard turn to the far right, judging his political survival to be of more import than his political legacy. The maverick is a dying breed in the Republican…

Gone with the wind

The budget, voter ID and, yes, clotheslines, in the Senate of Virginia  Column by Mark Obenshain www.markobenshain.com Another week of session is behind us, and although actual budget negotiations still lie ahead, producing a balanced budget remains the matter on everyones mind. The budget will be balanced, of course; the law requires it. The real…

Hurt: Put Virginia back on a sound financial footing

   Column by Sen. Robert Hurt www.roberthurtforcongress.com On Saturday, Jan. 16, 2010, citizens from all across the Commonwealth of Virginia gathered at our Capitol here in Richmond for the inauguration of our 71st governor, Robert F. McDonnell. As the members of the General Assembly gathered on the front portico of our historic capitol, I was…