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Poll: What do Virginia voters think of Obama, McAuliffe, Warner, Kaine?

A new Christopher Newport University poll shows that Virginia voters have generally positive views of Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. Barack Obama, not so muc

Is early attention on 2016 hurting Virginia legislative candidates in 2015?

Before I could ask Angela Lynn, the Democratic Party nominee in the 25th House District race, to give us a state of the campaign, and quiz her on the issues of the day in Virginia politics, I was duty-bound to ask her opinion on …


McAuliffe reappoints Justice Jane Marum Roush to Virginia Supreme Court

Governor Terry McAuliffe released the following statement today on his intention to reappoint Justice Jane Marum Roush to the Virginia Supreme Court as her term expires.

Virginia AFL-CIO endorses Democrat Angela Lynn in 25th House District

The Virginia AFL-CIO has endorsed Democratic Party nominee Angela Lynn in the race for the 25th House District seat in the Virginia General Assembly.

Was Mark Herring move best for Virginia Democrats in 2017?

The reaction to the announcement from Mark Herring this week that the sitting attorney general plans to run for re-election was met with excitement and relief by fellow Virginia Democrats, who feel the move will forestall a bloodbath between Herring and Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam for the 2017 gubernatorial nomination.

Ted Cruz names Virginia campaign leadership team

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, announced William M. “Bill” Stanley, Majority Whip of the Virginia Senate Republican Caucus, will serve as chairman of his Virginia Leadership Team.

Hillary Clinton unveils initiative to combat Virginia’s epidemic of drug, alcohol addiction

In Virginia, 641,000 people suffer from addiction or dependence on drugs and alcohol and need treatment, but are not current receiving it. Across the country, 23 million Americans suffer from addiction, and only 1 in 10 are being treated.

mark herring

Attorney General Mark Herring to run for re-election in 2017

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring announced Wednesday that he plans to run for re-election in 2017, in turn taking himself out of the running for the Democratic Party gubernatorial nomination.

Former Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore joins Scott Walker Virginia campaign

Former Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore will serve as finance chairman of the Scott Walker Virginia presidential campaign.


Governor McAuliffe announces restoration of rights for over 10,000 people

Today, Governor Terry McAuliffe announced that his administration restored the voting and civil rights of 10,009 individuals. The McAuliffe administration has restored the rights of more Virginians than any other Governor in a four year term.


Governor McAuliffe celebrates success of Virginia Values Veterans program

Governor Terry McAuliffe recognized Virginia businesses for their ongoing commitment to creating employment opportunities for Virginia’s veterans.

jim webb

Jim Webb skips out on Democratic National Committee meeting: Sends message on Hillary Clinton ties

Former Virginia U.S. Sen. Jim Webb isn’t in Minneapolis today to take the stage at the Democratic National Committee Summer Meeting, and it’s not because he’s busy helping his daughter move into college.

ken plum

Ken Plum: Both sides of the wall between church and state

Recently a place of worship in the community asked me to be a speaker in their summer worship series. After getting past the frightening idea that I was to preach a sermon, I started to focus on the fact that I live my life on both sides of the wall that separates church and state.

randy forbes

Randy Forbes: The Machinery of America

An elderly farmer owned a tractor that, as the tractor aged, looked about as old as the farmer. Each year, the farmer nurtured that old tractor through yet another season. One year he replaced a fuel pump. The next year, the tires and transmission.

Eric Cantor endorses Jeb Bush for president

Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has endorsed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for president and will serve as a co-chair of Bush’s 2016 Virginia campaign.

terry mcauliffe

Governor McAuliffe addresses General Assembly money committees

Text of remarks from Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to members of the House Appropriations Committee and Senate Finance Committee Thursday in Richmond.

dickie bell

Dickie Bell endorsed by AgPAC

Delegate Dickie Bell(R-20) last week received the endorsement of Virginia Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC, the organization’s political action committee, in the race for the 20th District seat in the Virginia House of Delegates.

2016 hillary clinton donald trump

Veteran Virginia Republican campaign consultant Chris Leavitt has been tapped to lead Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s Virginia presidential campaign effort.

Veteran Virginia Republican campaign consultant Chris Leavitt has been tapped to lead Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s Virginia presidential campaign effort.


Governor McAuliffe signs deed to transfer Fort Monroe land to National Park Service

Governor Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday signed a deed that transfers land at Fort Monroe from the Commonwealth of Virginia to the National Park Service, solidifying Virginia’s commitment to turning the fort into a national monument for the enjoyment of tourists and history-buffs from all over the Commonwealth and country.


Governor McAuliffe announces third year of Virginia’s Going Global Defense Initiative

Governor Terry McAuliffe announced Monday that Virginia has received $1.8 million in grant funding for a third year of its Going Global Defense Initiative (GGDI), administered by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP).

virginia farm bureau

New campaign encourages farmers to vote this fall

The best way for the concerns of rural communities to be recognized on the local, state and national levels is for farmers and other rural residents to get out and vote.

jim webb

Jim Webb talks foreign policy: Iran, North Korea

Former Virginia U.S. Sen. Jim Webb joined the chorus of political leaders criticizing the Obama administration agreement with Iran.

jim webb

Jim Webb: Met with Joe Biden, keeps substance private

Former Virginia U.S. Sen. Jim Webb said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that he met last month with Vice President Joe Biden, but stopped short of discussing the substance of the conversation, including whether Biden indicated whether or not he might be running for president in 2016.

ken plum

Ken Plum: Public trust above party in redistricting fight

Shifting from a relaxing vacation back to work is always challenging, but my return this past week from the mountains, streams and lakes of Glacier National Park to a special session of the General Assembly has been a particularly stark contrast.


Letter: Where is Mark Warner on the pipeline?

Sen. Mark Warner recently visited Charlottesville to participate in an employment discussion. He agreed to meet the prior evening with representatives from nearby counties regarding the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

virginia farm bureau

VFBF AgPAC endorses 115 candidates for General Assembly seats

Virginia Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC, the political action committee of Virginia Farm Bureau Federation, announced Aug. 21 its endorsement of 28 candidates for the Virginia Senate and 87 candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates.

chris graham

Podcast: AFP editor Chris Graham talks Virginia politics on WREL-1450

Augusta Free Press editor Chris Graham joins host Jim Bresnahan on WREL-1450 in Lexington, Va., to talk Virginia politics. The segment includes an update on the appeals of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, in their federal corruption case, and the division in the Virginia General Assembly over redistricting and the appointment of a new Virginia Supreme Court justice.

bob mcdonnell

Appeals court: Bob McDonnell to prison while awaiting final appeal?

A federal appeals court has set into motion the possibility that former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell could be headed to prison as soon as next week while awaiting a final appeal of his conviction on federal corruption charges.


Former First Lady files appeal of corruption convictions

Former First Lady Maureen McDonnell is hopeful that recent appeals court decisions in the corruption case of her husband, former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, won’t impact her own efforts to get her charges overturned.

Jim Gilmore not worried by low poll numbers

Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore – yes, he was once Virginia’s governor – is apparently not concerned that he is barely registering as a presidential candidate.

creigh deeds

Creigh Deeds: Virginia General Assembly session over before it began

The 2015 Special Session of the General Assembly was over before it began.

randy forbes

Randy Forbes: Five things to know about caring for an aging parent

Many of us will come to a time when we find ourselves, in some capacity, providing care to an aging parent. The United States Census estimates that the number of Americans 65 years and older will double by 2050.

virginia organizing

Virginia Organizing to mark 20 year anniversary with Charlottesville open house

On Wednesday, Virginia Organizing will welcome supporters to an Open House to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding date of the organization.

Senate adjourns without taking action on redistricting

The Virginia State Senate adjourned a special session on Monday without addressing a call from Gov. Terry McAuliffe to address court-ordered changes to Virginia’s congressional districts.

virginia general assembly

Virginia Senate blocks Republican effort to oust Supreme Court justice

Democrats in the Virginia Senate – and a lone Republican – successfully blocked attempts by their Republican colleagues to oust Governor McAuliffe’s Supreme Court appointee, Justice Jane Marum Roush.

mark obenshain

Mark Obenshain: Photo ID is under attack

On Friday, a motion to intervene was filed on my behalf asking a United States District Court to add me as a defendant in litigation filed by Democrats challenging the constitutionality of Virginia’s voter identification law.

Bob Goodlatte: House advances Secret Service reforms

Restoring the trust that the American people must have in the vital tasks the Secret Service carries out every day is critical.

terry mcauliffe

Terry McAuliffe traveling to support Hillary: And the big deal is?

The Washington Post has a story about Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and his travel schedule related to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

terry mcauliffe

Governor McAuliffe statement on redistricting proposals

Governor Terry McAuliffe issued the following statement after the release of new redistricting maps by Democratic legislators and leaders of the NAACP to address racial gerrymandering.

virginia general assembly

Virginia Democratic leaders propose redistricting fix

Virginia Democratic leaders today unveiled a draft bill that will fix the unconstitutional gerrymandering of congressional districts that was struck down by the federal courts in 2014 in Page v. Virginia State Board of Elections, et. al.

virginia general assembly

House of Delegates to begin redistricting process

The Virginia House of Delegates will begin the redistricting process by holding a meeting of the Reapportionment Joint Committee and a public hearing on Monday, August 17.


Hurt, Kaine, Warner, Griffith introduce bill to promote economic development, reform permitting process

Congressman Robert Hurt (R-Virginia), along with Senators Tim Kaine (D-Virginia) and Mark Warner (D-Virginia) and Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-Virginia), recently introduced the Commonsense Permitting for Job Creation Act (H.R. 3434 and S. 1914) in both houses of Congress.

All but one: Jim Gilmore left out of next Republican debate

Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore was left off the invite list for the next Republican presidential debate, scheduled for Sept. 16 and to be broadcast on CNN.

bob mcdonnell

Bob McDonnell down to his last strike

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals turned down the request of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell to have the entire court reconsider the appeal of his conviction on public corruption charges, leaving him one avenue – the U.S. Supreme Court.

robert hurt

Robert Hurt: Progress in the People’s House

The 114th Congress began with high expectations as the American people sent an urgent message that they wanted change to get our great nation back on track.

virginia general assembly

House Republicans to introduce oversight legislation in response to latest EPA regulations from Obama administration

Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates will announce oversight legislation in response to the latest EPA regulations at a pro-energy rally in Richmond Monday night.

Andy Schmookler: Is Mark Obenshain Virginia’s Scott Walker?

Months ago, when I publicly characterized the Virginia state senator from my district as “the man who would be Virginia’s Scott Walker,” I had no idea that there was or would be any direct connection between those two politicians.

randy forbes

Randy Forbes: The empty chair

Today is not Veterans Day. It’s not Memorial Day, or the Fourth of July. On those days, America pauses. We take a moment to recognize our servicemembers, honor the fallen, and reflect on the sacrifices of those who have worn this country’s uniform both past and present.

Bob Goodlatte: Reining in red tape

Regulations and red tape continue to stream down from the federal government. Under the Obama Administration, on average, 82 major rules – those with economic impacts of $100 million or more – have been filed each year.

virginia general assembly

Republicans challenge McAuliffe on voter access

Over 90 percent of the more than 1,200 public comments submitted regarding Governor Terry McAuliffe’s proposed voter registration changes are in opposition, according to a House of Delegates analysis.